The Insights — S01E03

Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.

My long weekend has been uneventful so I had time to write drafts for my next two features. I decided to go with the McDonalds and Leo Burnett’s campaign for the rainy season: Love Weekendzzz. It’s been going on for weeks now, but I didn’t have The Insights blog back then. Now, I can talk about this work from one of the best brand-agency partnerships I know.

Two great things about this campaign: One, insight. Two, timing. These two points, partnered with the good execution from the team show the reason why I love doing campaigns.

Let’s start with the insight.

The insight is obvious that we already get it at the end of our first encounter with the TVC. But it is effective as it is obvious. We too, are guilty of spending our weekends like that — staying home and doing the things we want to do after a long week of work or school. That rings especially true when it is the rainy season. Most off the time, we don’t have the energy to go outside, brave the rain, and be stuck in heavy traffic.

Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.

When we watch the TVC, there’s another insight that comes to mind — when we’re at home with our family, we don’t usually spend the rest of the day together. We always find a cozy spot and spend the day alone, doing what we want to do and hoping that no one will bother us — unless it’s time to eat. Aside from showing that there are so many things you can do at home, the ad showed the family members doing their own activities alone.

And that’s okay. We don’t really have to do things together every time, right? Some of us recharge alone, watching TV or catching up on unfinished books. But, we eat together. And we enjoy these cozy, long weekends more when think of someone delivering McDonalds.

This may seem trivial, but I want to talk about what the family ordered. I figured that there’s some insight there, too. We see French fries and a box of Chicken McDonalds, you know, the usual stuff we order when we’re with family or friends. That’s a good insight — I mean, we don’t regularly see a McSpaghetti or Burger McDo when we hang out inside the house. It’s also interesting that McDonalds is trying to show more of its McShare Box, I think it’s a good way to introduce a product that’s for sharing. Jollibee’s Chickenjoy bucket has always been the top of mind when it comes to sharing fried chicken.

Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.

The last thing that I’ve noticed is the McDonalds website.The ad showed that you can order food from McDo using your phone, knowing that people are spending more and more time on their phones even at home.

So why not call? Maybe people from McDonalds and Leo Burnett Manila knew that not all people are keen in ordering their food while talking on the phone. I, personally, am not fond of calling or receiving calls. Furthermore, ordering on the website is more convenient since you get to see the menu and you don’t have to rush into ordering because you’re conscious that you’re making the McDonalds crew wait while your family argues what to buy.

Next is timing.

The campaign’s timing is what makes it so good. A lot of campaigns have been made with good insight and concept, but some never get much impact because of the timing.

Below are some insights that I’ve observed about the timing of the campaign.

One, it’s great that the ad about weekends are done this season. I mean, staycations have been a thing for some years now and there are a lot of opportunities to air an advertisement like this. The weekends at home and rainy season go along perfectly. Although the insight could also be used during summer because some families don’t go on long trips, the general sentiment is still to go outside and go on an adventure.

A lot of campaigns have been made with good insight and concept, but some never get much impact because of the timing.

Two, the campaign has good timing because it was launched during the month with long weekends. The holidays that rest on Fridays and Mondays this month and next week is perfect for people considering to order food at McDonalds. While some families or barkadas go outside, the majority of us who checked the weather updates won’t risk getting their plans wasted by the rain.

Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.

Three, McDonalds and other fast food chains didn’t suffer bad PR on social media. Delivery services in the rainy season have been brought up by concerned people on social media before. They think that consumers ought to consider the risks people are putting on the delivery men when they order food during a typhoon or when the streets are flooded. I remember that a year ago, this issue surfaced with people encouraging their peers to just cook food at home.

the campaign has good timing because it was launched during the month with long weekends.

A bad PR like this will not be that big of a trouble. It will, however, let some people think twice before ordering.

Four, the campaign is perfect because it coincides with the Game of Thrones Season 7. If, as seen in the TVC, the target of the campaign are families in the B, C, and D classes, they are most likely to be updated with the Game of Thrones. GOT has a big audience in the country, and the episode premieres every Monday are enough to convince people to spend half of their days at home or in the office watching and discussing the latest episode. This is a perfect time to order at McDonalds.

Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.

Looking at the social media accounts of McDonalds Philippines, they didn’t forget how timely their campaign is. They actually made posts with copies about the season finale, and posts about eating McDonalds while watching our favorite TV shows.

Leo Burnett Manila and McDonalds all have these and they used it all well to associate the brand with a good break during the weekends. The campaign was never limited to a TV commercial, the social media content also gave the brand enough exposure as people go check their phones lazily and update themselves with current events. The campaign was there — whatever screen or platform people go to. It’s impossible to not consider ordering food. Food is always a good company.

Just like what we realize when we spend two days resting at the comforts of our home, sometimes we just need an activity that will keep us at peace, and good food to help us get through these rainy, lazy weekends.

If I just had enough money in my person, I might have ordered something, too.

Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.
Screen grabbed from McDo Philippines YouTube account.

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