Merry Christmas from the insite Staff

For all our complaints about commercialism and hustle, Christmas is an exceptional time of year. When else do we stop to celebrate the strangeness of white powder falling from the sky, the audacity of flimsy colored paper disguising gifts, the paradox of a king lying in a stable? At Christmas, we can see these things for what they are: not annoyances or cliches or sentimental backwash but flashing facets of mystery.

The Christmas spirit is one that celebrates the sheer quiddity of life—the pure enjoyment of existence—in a way that undercuts the things we usually rely on. Whether you’re an exhausted soldier, a starving grandmother, or a Washington, D.C. tourist, Christmastime reveals the value in the unexpected and the ordinary, helping us delight in creation just for its own sake. This is different from other celebrations in our lives, like promotions or graduations or ceremonies. We rejoice at Christmastime not because of money or success or even honor, but because of the gift of life—life in all its profound manifestations, nooks, and crannies.

Christmas, in other words, is when we celebrate the wonder of the word is. And as a result, though it may be over-glitzed and over-bustled, down deep Christmas is still (in the freshest sense of the term) magical.

Merry Christmas from all the insite writers.