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Congressional Caucuses. Over 700 Of Them. Really.

For those of you who think that big government is a good thing, I invite you to view a Wikipedia page that I recently came upon: Caucuses of the United States Congress. Apparently there are now over 700 of them (yes, you read that right). Congressional Caucuses in which our Congressmen can waste enormous amounts of time while not working on lesser issues, such as our failing economy, and the fact that many agents of the NSA will probably read this article long before you do, possibly even long before I get around to actually uploading it from my computer, all in the name of national security.

Let me list some of the highlights. Note that I’m excluding from my examples a huge list of wasteful caucuses dedicated to individual places, diseases, sports, industries, or animals (such as the Congressional Horse Caucus, or the Congressional Interstate 11 Caucus). Read and be amazed by:

The Congressional Bike Caucus
The Congressional Bourbon Caucus
The Congressional Carbonated and Non-alcoholic Caucus
The Congressional Corrosion Prevention Caucus
The Congressional Cut Flower Caucus
The Congressional Friends of Jesuit Colleges and Universities Caucus
The Congressional Hospitality Caucus
The Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus
The Congressional Rock and Roll Caucus
The Congressional Rodeo Caucus
The Congressional Toy Caucus
The Congressional Wine Caucus
The House Trails Caucus
The Motorcycle Caucus

Aren’t you glad that our government isn’t too big, expensive, and intrusive yet? I mean, how could we peasants ever survive without a federal government to tell us how to deal with all of our cut flower problems, and even more importantly, to create and enforce laws to keep us from committing cut flower crimes?

And am I the only one to wonder if the Congressional Wine or Bourbon Caucuses ever get together for drinks right across the hall from meetings of the Congressional Carbonated and Non-alcoholic Caucus, just to piss them off a bit?

On the other hand, I’m somewhat torn on the issue. Perhaps what we need to do is to increase the number of caucuses ten-fold, and require each congressman to participate in at least 50, in order to prevent them from having time to make any more laws.

What do you think? Tell me in a response below.

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