Trump Says A Naughty Word!

If it weren’t for the seriousness of the consequences then I’d be enjoying this. There’s no better way to judge people than to see how they react in moments like this. You may disagree with the facts as I present them, but as I understand it:

President John F. Kennedy had sex with multiple women behind his wife’s back at the White House. But he was a Democrat, so that’s okay.

Senator Ted Kennedy got drunk, drove his date off a bridge, and then let her drown while calling his lawyer for advice. But he was a Democrat, so that’s okay.

President Bill Clinton assaulted and raped multiple women throughout his career, and had sex with others behind his wife’s back at the White House. But he was a Democrat, so that’s okay.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton enabled Bill’s abusive behavior towards many females in many ways, including personally intimidating and destroying the lives of his victims. But she’s a Democrat, so that’s okay.

And if you want a real treat, read about the way that President Lyndon Johnson treated women. But he was a Democrat, so that’s okay.

Whereas when Presidential candidate Donald Trump engaged in some “locker room talk” about women, with another man, in what he thought was a private conversation, everybody goes insane. Because he’s a Republican, so it’s not okay.

This is like watching teenage wannabe revolutionaries wear Che Guevara tee shirts, when they obviously haven’t spent even 5 minutes on the internet learning what Guevara was really like. It’s too funny to even be offensive. All they’re really doing is telling you bad things about themselves.

Disagree? Then tell me about it in a response below.

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