Book Review

Book Review: “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats”

I recently read a book entitled “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats” by Rev. Wayne Perryman. It’s very short, most of the material being contained in 70 pages, with an additional 44 pages of appendices. It’s basically a chronological presentation of major events in the history of racism and politics in America.

In this book, Perryman makes a clear case that the Democratic Party has been the sponsor of most of the racism, and racist violence, in American history, while the Republican Party worked diligently for equality. He also makes the case that, at the top levels of the Democratic Party, much of this racist activity wasn’t motivated by beliefs about African Americans, but by political opportunism. This because in the days of the old south, southern blacks tended to vote Republican, in a continuing effort to secure more humane treatment. Racist Democrats, such as members of the KKK (a Democratic organization), not only attacked southern blacks, but also southern white Republicans. They did this in order to win elections by intimidating, or even killing, Republican candidates and voters. This is in contrast to what one might call the Democratic peasants, who were more motivated by racist anti-black sentiment.

Most of what Perryman writes is easily verifiable on the internet. The book supports my long-standing belief that if large numbers of Americans were ever to make a significant effort to learn their own political history, then there would be a mass defection from the Democratic party.

This book should be required reading in all high schools, but won’t be, for obvious reasons. I recommend it to all. But be warned: over the years Democrats have used cries of “racism” so frequently as a means of demonizing conservatives that they seem to have over-sensitized themselves to accusations of the same. If you’re among those Democrats who have an emotional tie to their party, or to the notion that Democrats are compassionate and tolerant, while Republicans are demonic invaders, then reading this book will probably cause you severe cognitive dissonance, to the point at which you’ll bleed from the ears and throw it across the room in angry denial. The fact that you can easily verify the truth of the contents for yourself will only make matters worse. So for you, I’d recommend leaving it for a point at which you feel comfortable with the idea of having some cherished beliefs turned upside-down, and can consider the idea of leaving the Democratic party (possibly for a socialist party, if that makes you feel any better) with equanimity.

Disagree? Don’t think Democrats could ever be racist? Tell me about it in a response below.

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