Effortlessly: intention with no strain.

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It is dawning on a random day, 30 million years ago. But nobody knows what “a year” is, because there is no human being on the planet.

Back then, the sun, like today, was producing and spreading a massive amount of energy and exercising its gigantic gravitation force over the 8 planets of the solar system. Effortlessly.

Supernova… image from here

Massive explosions are said to happen when supernovas get to the end of their life. I find it ironic how Wikipedia describes the event:

A supernova is an astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive star’s life, whose dramatic and catastrophic destruction is marked by one final titanic explosion.

Dramatic? Catastrophic? Titanic?
If there’s no human around, there is no drama. And no catastrophe, either.
In the bigger scheme of things, I think it’s fair to say that:

It all happens effortlessly

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The caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It happens a million times a day on this planet. How miraculous is that! Perhaps, one day bioscience will advance so much that we’ll be able to find out whether the caterpillar experiences any sort of strain during this transformation. 
Until then, I’ll assume this phenomenon happens effortlessly.

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A seed, under the right conditions, grows into a plant or a flower.
Sometimes even under circumstances that appear to be unfavorable or extremely adverse
It feels as though Life wants to show up even when it’s not invited to the party. The gate is closed but Life sneaks in.
I cannot prove it (whatever there is to be proven), but for some reason, I instinctively feel that all of this happens effortlessly.

There is no effort in this universe except in human perception.

However, effort is what makes us feel alive. 
There’s joy and relief after successful effort. 
There can be either leftover flow of adrenaline or a sense of peace and satisfaction.
There can be disappointment, frustration, sadness… even desperation.

Just feelings?
Maybe. Yet, they “feel” so real, don’t they?

But if the universe operates effortlessly, perhaps there’s a way I can enjoy the ride on this Planet, that we call “Life”, a little bit more.

Perhaps I can play intensely, but with no need “to fight”.
Maybe I can be fully focused on something I’m working, without feeling strain.
And what if I interacted with people, with no desire of influencing them or looking good in their eyes? Just feeling the connection.
Perhaps I can perceive my experience in a way that the superficial efforts I seem to make stem from a deeper sense of self, which is intangible.
A Self, who lives in a perennial state of blooming.
And so it does: effortlessly.


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