I call this “Love”

An Easter Tale

The trigger of this early spring story.

(written on April 9th, 2017)
What a surprising encounter. Such a beautiful tree. Driving up the hill, towards the paths in the woods on the summit, we met for the first time, today. I promised to myself: I gotta go back to this place after the run. And that’s what I did. Here is what happened next.

I stand in contemplation of the flowers on the branches. I don’t know what sort of tree is it. In truth, the name is meaningless to me, as I watch in awe. I call this Love.

As I approach the tree, I realize a fellow human being is peacefully walking in the garden, looking after her flowers. I observe what she does, how she cares, her kind passion. I’m pretty sure it’s Love.

I head towards her, asking if she speaks English. She does not. No big deal. I tell her “Your tree is beautiful, I’m taking some pictures, ok?”. She nods and smiles. To me, this qualifies as Love.

The position of the sun and the distance of the branches from the ground requires a little effort on my end to get to the angle I had in mind for the pics. I manage. I call them Beauty (i.e. the flowers)

Here’s something free we can be grateful for. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Now the lady approaches me and invites me to follow her in the house. She has another little garden, not visible from outside. That’s what she wants to show me. She speaks; I don’t understand a word. Once more, words do not matter when connection is present. To me, this looks like a gentle demonstration of Love.

Various manifestations of Love.
We have been creating an amount of definitions, beliefs and paradigms on what love is and what is not. They have rather taken us away from it, than brought us closer.
Love, in its essence, is simple. In depth, it has no definition. Because it’s beyond cognition.
From another angle, it has an infinite number of definitions, as many as its manifestations.
If someone you never met before and doesn’t speak your language invites you to her garden to take pictures of her flowers, I call this Love.
I know, however, words cannot render justice to what’s beyond thinking.


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