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Tell us your most valuable feedback experience

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Why Feedback?

In the corporate world, the value of feedback has been recognized for quite some time now. From the old “command and control” leadership model we’re shifting to a more emphatic paradigm of leadership that fosters open and transparent communication, not just on a large scale (strategies, vision, purposes from the leadership team through the organizations) but even more so on a face-to-face level between individuals, both vertically (manager to direct report… and vice-versa) and horizontally (peer feedback).
I’ve written more than once about the importance of feedback. 
In “The art of unlearning” I gave some recommendations on how to make a wise use of feedback as a tool for self-development. Among the aspects I highlighted, there was the importance of the wording and as well as the ability to be as much fact-based as possible.
In “Leading in your Strength Zone” I described the value of giving and receiving feedback about the activities and the tasks that we’re great at. And the importance of playing as much as possible on that ground.

The reason why I talk about it so often is because I believe that feedback, if practiced and used with empathy, compassion and consideration (both on the giver’ and the receiver’s side), can literally be a transformational tool for personal growth AND to establish or strengthen our personal connections.

After enough practice, we can become “feedback-receptive” and start mastering the art of providing and accepting insightful thoughts to and from anyone, even people that we have never met before. For example, this mindset could drive you to praise a particularly kind waiter at the restaurant, being specific on what you actually liked in his behavior. Or to explain to your cousin in a non-judgmental and caring fashion that you think her life choices might lead her to unwanted consequences. The opportunities are simply uncountable.

Feedback is your crowd-sourced, free-of-charge coach. Embrace it.

With this as a leading thought, I’d like YOU to share your feedback story on this publication.
Think about one or more of the following (but don’t stop there!):

  • What is the most impactful feedback you’ve ever received?
  • What is the toughest one to the digest? How did it eventually change you?
  • What is the feedback that you discarded or dismissed just to find later on that you should have really considered?
  • What is the hardest feedback you had to give? How did you do it? What did you learn from it?
  • What is the most funny feedback you have received? Did you act on it?

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