I’m Broken Glass

I know, I know they’re gonna, say what they wanna. I know they’re gonna say what they want.

Well hello readers! Today I’m here to talk about how I can relate to this song created by Rachel Platten called Broken Glass. To start off, I wanna talk briefly about my long journey with mental illness. I gotta say that living with mental illness at first seemed to me as hard, difficult, challenging and yet even almost impossible to overcome and achieve in reality.

But as time passed and I continued to progress with my recovery for depression, I eventually learned so much with my recovery of almost 2.5 years and I couldn’t be any prouder. But I’m sure without a doubt, I’m gonna feel even more proud when I have completed my list of all my accomplishments and all the things I’ve overcome down to the last detail with both my mental illness and mental health recovery.

I’m on a highway full of red lights. I’ve lost so many long nights. Felt words that cut like knives.

Yeah I’ve been through a lot just like everyone else has too with their fair share of experiences too. Experiences that have taught us things and helped us make choices to prevent ourselves from getting hurt equally in fear, to the better choices to face our fears, dare greatly and rise strong like Brene Brown inspires in her books to so much more. Leading to such beyond and amazing outcomes!

But bringing my attention (and yours) back to my relatable experiences to Rachel Platten’s song, Broken Glass. Living in our society with mental illness definitely puts you to the test of how strong, intelligent, knowledgable, educationally aware, and capable you are to survive it, without becoming one of them instead of becoming the real you that you were always meant to be. And yeah society can say whatever they want, but the only control we have is our own behaviour and our response to moments like that!

But I feel it changing. I can taste it, I’m on the wave and I won’t waste it. I have been patient. But I’m not waiting anymore. Not anymore, no.

I gotta say here that I can really feel like life is rewarding me. When I smile, it smiles back at me with good things in which I see as rewards and great outcomes with all my hard work with my mental health recovery. Though I’ve had a fair share of slip ups, and struggles; I’m proud of how I chose to get back up and how I looked at the situation.

I believe it is time for some new changes and I hate to say this but I need to start taking the new acne medication (on top of the birth control) as for my acne isn’t going away fast enough.

I’m gonna dance on broken glass. And I’m gonna make that ceiling crash. That ceiling crash.

No matter how broken I may feel throughout my life, I’m gonna choose to look at myself as more than just a “broken” person but rather more someone who’s chosen to be stronger than those things that have made her feel broken and like damaged goods.

For as long as I can remember, I always felt like something was off, like I wasn’t seeing or understanding all that I was feeling and experiencing inside. But throughout my recovery with depression has really done a lot of rediscovering myself into the person. I was always meant to be and resolving all conflicts and problems/issues I had wrong with me.

So what? Still got knives in my back. So what? So I’m tied to the tracks. I’m gonna dance on broken glass. And here I go, here I go. Yeah here I go, here I go. (Ooh, ooh, ooh) and here I go, here I go.

Yeah I have a lot of issues just like everyone else and I’ve made numerous mistakes just like any human being would. That’s fine and I’m completely okay with that! I’ve stopped striving to be perfect and more towards imperfection. Because no human being is perfect and no human being should be taught or encouraged to live and be perfect.

Because perfect is way overrated and a complete waste of time to work towards. It’s time we all start striving for healthier habits and form a healthier lifestyle. Beating ourselves and others up for not being perfect enough or not doing a “good enough” job at every single thing is just complete non-sense.

So I bet on me and my own heartbeat. When all the odds are piling. Like bricks around my feet. You know you know it’s more than. More than just for me. You know it’s worth it. I still believe, yeah yeah.

I know in my heart that this is all a good thing because there’s always a good thing that comes from all good and bad things. They may seem bad at first but along the way and as times passes, it gradually becomes closer to the good things we end always get in the end of all things good and bad.

And I believe that with all that bad stuff and good stuff that I’ve been through, good and great things are starting to happen to me! And I know that things will be great with me and I will continue to be grateful, appreciative, and much more and use my gifts, talents, knowledge, education and my experiences over almost 2.5 years in recovery for mental illness will be very well benefited!

Through to the other side, baby I’ll survive. ‘Cause you know I am a fighter. Through to the other side, baby I’m on fire. ‘Cause you know I’m a survivor.

I know no matter how hard life may be and how bad my life may be, I know that things do get better and that I will continue to be strong and keep improving myself in each moment to continue my success with my mental health journey!

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