Stop Faking It Until You Make It

It doesn’t work

For as long as I can remember, I have found that I’ve faked everything for way too long and way too much. I just found myself faking it because I was told to so I could be more selfless and caring and less selfish. But when it becomes a bad habit, it really does have its bad benefits or rather to say: negative impacts and mental health issues. I’ve noticed that people say to “fake it till you make it” but from my own experiences with this, I’ve learned that if you fake it as much that it becomes a bad habit, it will cause mental health issues and problems in your life and it will only do only harm than good.

All the times that I’ve found myself faking it and trying my best to keep up the act without being honest, open or truthful with how I was feeling or what I needed, it only hurt me more. And I never knew for so many years that I didn’t need to nor was I or anyone else expected to fake it that much or to keep up the act.

But the reason why I feel like I have to keep up the act for example is because I fear the stigma/shame and negative judgements I would get mainly and particularly from my own parents and even my younger sister. So Happiers, I’m here writing this post asking for your help to help me overcome and achieve success in getting out of the bad habit of faking it all the time and keeping up the act as much as I actually have been?

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