Timing Is Everything?

Time can in a way make us feel like it takes away everything that we love and those who we love. That it’s a thief. As quoted by Alice in “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. And life can really challenge us with many different scenarios that test our loyalty, trust, honesty, logic, intelligence, education, knowledge, strength, courage and well how badly we want something.

Keep this in mind, when life shows you challenging moments to achieve, don’t think that it’s telling you to give up or that it’s meant to be. But rather more to do with life challenging you in a way that is testing you of how badly you want something that you are more than willing to fight for. Think about how badly you want it and what and why you started in the first place. That will be served as your motivation, reminder and anything else you need to achieve in whatever you are working towards achieving/gaining/succeeding with doing.

I would like to share some lyrics from one of Nickelback’s new songs from their most recent album (Feed The Machine): called, After The Rain!

“All of your life has been rambling, scurrying. Take your time rather than hurry. Never too late to write the rest of your story. Remember to breathe or else you’re gonna be sorry.”

It’s never too late to share your story no matter how long you’ve been working on your biography or story. Whether it has your mental illnesses, addictions, eating disorders in it. Your struggles are part of the story, don’t forget that. I know this because I started working on my own biography as of February 3rd, 2014 and has been on hold since I got home from college April 25th, 2015. And I gotta say that I spent the last time working on it: 3 hours of editing and organizing into parts. Since then I still have about 2.5 years to add. And who knows when I’ll find myself to finish and publish it.

So regardless of what is part or inside your story, share it to help represent hope and much else especially with mental illness, addiction & eating disorders. Trust me and all those who stand by this and other supporting comments. It’s more worth it than you may know at this moment. And yeah life may surprise you with both good and bad but it’s never against you even when it feels that way. It must get worse before it gets better.

“Life’s no race, it’s a companion. Always face with reckless abandonment. A ticket to life as the mother once told me. Stick with your pride and you’re gonna be lonely.”

And as much as we may enjoy that pride of all the good things we have done so far in our lifetime, don’t get too caught up with your pride. As Mal from Descendants 2 quotes: “don’t let your pride get in the way of something that you really want.” Life may feel like its against you, but its actually trying to comfort you even if it doesn’t feel that way.

“Everybody says that life takes patience. But nobody wants to wait. Everybody says we need salvation. But nobody wants to be saved. The light in the tunnel is just another runaway train. The blue skies we wait on. Are gonna have to come after the rain.”

As much as we feel impatient with reaching/achieving/gaining many different moments that we all look forward to, we gotta be patient. If you want something badly enough and you can think about why you started; you can wait and focus your mind on making gradual progress towards your goals and those moments you’ve been looking forward for long enough.

We say that we need salvation yet not enough of us want to be saved. Though if we want to live and to live a life of our own dreams, we gotta help ourself. The lord helps those who help themselves. So what are you gonna do?

“Spend your days happy and grateful. Avoid the taste of wanting and wasteful. Every good thing will come in moderation. Envy and greed will only lead to frustration. Choose your friends, carefree and kindly. Choose your words, careful and wisely. Always be there to lend a comforting shoulder. One will be there to share a day when you’re older (a day when you’re older).”

Now is the time to start practicing gratitude, mindfulness, silencing the mind and happiness. And with practicing happiness involves being happy for others and doing little and big things for others!

“Old mistakes committed upon us. Always take a toll on the conscience. Every regret is a debt that you live with. Never forget to remember forgiveness.”