How I Made This Complex Animation

Part 1: From Concept to Animatic

  • hand-drawn character animation,
  • background illustration,
  • parallax animation,
  • camera movement, and
  • After Effects animation & compositing!
The Scene

The Evolution of this Scene


Very first thumbnail sketches — they get the idea across


My storyboard sketches exported from Concepts
The storyboard panel for this scene


The animatic — look ma it moves!


Coming Up: Animating the Scene

The final scene — still a long way to goooooo…
  • Hand-drawn animation
  • Build the “level” with all the windows
  • Combined the hand-drawn with the After Effects animation
  • Made the camera move how I wanted
  • And finally added all the subtle effects that make the animation satisfying!



Stories about animation—Tutorials, tools and origin stories!

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