Integrating Hand-Drawn Animation with Motion Design

This is Part 3 in the series “How I Made This Animation” where I take apart the process of animating a scene from my latest commercial brand video for

Designing the Character

Animating the Run

What I Use to Animate by Hand

The Process

  1. Running
  2. Jumping (and falling back down)
All the layers broken down. By the way… I wrote this nifty script for AE to make that breakdown
A quite jolly little run!

The Jump

The rough sketch
The finished jump

Integrating with After Effects

  • a running loop,
  • a jump UP that holds the last jumping pose
  • a falling DOWN that holds the last falling pose
The HOLD poses at the end of both actions!
The planned out run
The running and jumping woman is parented to that purple circle to follow the same path.
The timeline when integrating the hand-drawn animation
The animation up until now.



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