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The Inevitable Rise of AI in the World of Art: Opportunities and Challenges for Creatives


  • The rise of AI in the field of art is a natural and expected development in the current capitalist system — decreases labor cost, increases productivity
  • Effective communication and understanding the problems to be solved for customers will stay the KEY skill for success in the creative field
  • As AI continues to advance, creatives will need to adapt and use tools that enable them to excel
  • Lower-level jobs involving artistic craftsmanship might be eliminated, many higher-level jobs will spruce up
  • The key to success in the creative field will be the ability to adapt and excel in a constantly changing landscape
  • Things that might have seemed impossible will become possible

1. AI Art Controversy

2. The Job of a Creative Worker

  1. Figure out what the client wants! (They often don’t know)
  2. Understand what and why they want it. (They often can’t explain without asking the right questions)
  3. Manage their expectations (Tell them what you can deliver, and how, and what you need to deliver it)
  4. Deliver the result (This is the easy part if 1–3 was successful. But most time often goes here)

3. The Inevitable Rise of AI Art

4. The New Role of Creatives

5. AI Art as a Tool

from “Into the Spider-Verse” making of

6. An Unforeseeable Paradigm Shift

7. The Value of Human Art

Will AI art replace a ton of jobs?

  • Yes. And create different ones. Sadly, not necessarily for the same people.

Should I still make art?

  • Yes. And expand your concept of art. Art is not drawing or painting something. Art is expressing yourself through different mediums, with different tools and methods. The important thing is the message and what it means to you or others. Art was never about the tools. Find the medium that suits you and enjoy the process.

Should I still learn to draw or paint?

  • If that’s something you enjoy. Yes. Just like writing, talking, or singing, the act of painting and drawing is an expression of how YOU see the world. It teaches you to see the world in a different way. It is a way of thinking. Of working out problems. Of meditation. Of processing trauma. It has a value that cannot be expressed in economic measures.
  • If you want a job, develop your artistic eye and personal taste.

8. Conclusions

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