This One Change To Your Routine Could Be The Boost Your Creativity Needs

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Big Brother must know I am a writer. My feeds are full of articles with writing tips, do’s and don’t’s, and cultivating a daily habit if you want to succeed. And boy, do I eat these up. My goal each day is to add words to my book and create new content, but once in awhile that doesn’t happen. I’m completely on board with this notion to form a routine, but what happens when you draw a blank?

There are days when I write over 2500 words for my manuscript and put together a piece or two of nonfiction. That’s when the muse is flowing, but other days I sit in front of my computer and stare.

Sometimes, there are literally, no words. Not even enough to come up with crap. Nothing.

The answer to this is simple.

Creating Something Out Of Nothing

Get out of the house and go somewhere. That’s it.

I’m an introverted homebody, so I like to be in the comfort of my own house. I prefer to stay home, relishing in the peace of writing, yoga, and reading. But when the words don’t come to you, then it’s kind of hard to write.

I like to get my writing in early without the distraction of family, chores and evening activities. My go to writing spot is at my computer in our office. The ideas for my book flow effortlessly out of my head because there is a definite story to tell. As for non-fiction content, it’s not as easy as sitting down and typing as I go; I need a little inspiration.

Most of the ideas for my lifestyle pieces happen when I leave the confides of my house to venture out into the world. It’s almost if my brain needs to be out and about to release all the thoughts in my head. As soon as I put my keys into the ignition and begin to drive, the ideas come rushing in.

Shopping For Ideas

After a particularly rough day, in the writing sense, I told my husband I was running to Target. There were a couple things I needed to grab. I set the intention to only go in and get the things I needed, keeping my blinders on. The outing was less about the shopping and more about the drive time.

Our current Target store is a 15 minute drive from our house through at least ten traffic lights. If driving there during rush hour, it could take much longer than expected, so there is some planning involved. Usually, I’m a very impatient driver and so driving in traffic makes me cringe. Instead,

I decide to utilize this time alone to let my thinking mind wander. I open the Notes app on my phone and talk away. The ideas I’ve had bottled up in my head from parenting obstacles to social media, writing and books flood out of me.

Our family is definitely like a pack of animals, we like to stick together, mostly at home. But the times when I escape the house when the kids are home is when the bulk of my material is created. Sure, I might spend a little money to do it, but it’s worth letting my creative juices flow.

Experience Life To Create

Sometimes those Target runs aren’t an excuse to go there as they are a chance to get out and experience the world. On those lazy weekends where it’s raining, no one has activities and we are stuck indoors, I find myself at a loss. The more I get out, be with people and observe what is going on around me, I am able to experience life with others.

I love walking my dog, connecting with her and nature, releasing myself from anything that’s going on right now. Even then, I can get caught up in making sure she isn’t barking at people or other dogs and my mind is not as free. It’s those moments in the car alone, where I appreciate what is happening as I drive along, singing my heart out. This is when my non-fiction side flourishes the most but once in awhile I let my imagination take over for the book.

While driving, I feel completely in the moment releasing thoughts that have stored up in my mind. I voice my opinions freely and without inhibition or judgment from anyone, including myself. After my outings, I email the notes to myself and turn them into articles connecting me with my community.

There’s so much to be said by getting out and interacting with the world around us to gain ideas for content. As a mom, another little bonus is grabbing myself a treat that I don’t have to share with anyone under 12.

Put your oxygen mask on first. Self care is essential for all parents to make it through the day.

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