Naps: The Essential Self-Care Remedy

Abbey Fatica
Nov 6 · 3 min read

You are getting very sleepy…

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When my kids were little, I received pieces of advice about napping like: nap when the baby naps.

Ha! That seemed like a pipe dream. Didn’t these people know I also had a house to run? When my kids were napping, it was my time to get things done without having little people under foot.

How Important Is A Nap

Napping would come as sleep at the end of the day when everything was done. As the years went on, my body could not keep up with this rigorous schedule of constantly being on the go. I got run down easily and got sick more often.

It wasn’t till the kids were older, how I began to cherish the idea of a nap. The afternoons were mine again and I wasn’t worried if they were left to their own defenses for an hour. The house was not going to burn down.

But once every couple years, a debilitating migraine comes on completely taking me down for the count. Today was one of those days reminding me, with a huge nudge, to rest. It is more than okay to take a break and shut down for a while.

When Naps Don’t Happen…

Migraines happen when my stress levels get high and there’s too much in life to process. When they come on, the first thing I do is look back at my calendar to see what has been going on lately causing me extra stress.

Luckily for me, there is a full fledged remedy called napping. This ultimate in self-care trumps anything else I can do to cure a migraine.

The first time I got hit with this pain was in seventh grade. In hindsight, the stress of starting junior high and changing classrooms brought on a whole new level of worry I was unprepared for.

Then the summer after my junior year of college, I was in between housing situations with nowhere to live for a week. All my possessions were being stored at work while I bunked at my boyfriend’s house.

Not having a place to physically house my things was a huge stressor in my life. One night while working, a cloudiness came over my eyes and I knew it was the beginning of a migraine.

How could this be happening right now?My boss was understanding, sending me home after seeing me taking my pillow into the office to shut out the world.

It All Starts With A Simple Cure

It’s times like this in my life when I can predict an oncoming migraine but often they come from out of the blue. This serves as a reminder to slow down and be content with rest.

Since the migraines are sporadic, I make sure to listen to my body when it says to nap. This is not something I do often but can read the warning signs from a mile away. I believe multiple illnesses have been staved off by partaking in some good ol’ self-care.

I’m talking about a full-fledged 2–3 hour nap. The kind that when I wake up I’m still a groggy but my body is thanking me for this break.

Looking back I wished I could have convinced myself to lay down with my kids when they were babies. As someone who needed to fill her day, this wasn’t an option for me. I guess slowing down is something you learn with age.

This is a notion we explain to our toddlers how their bodies need a break from the constant go. Why is easier to explain to someone else but we have a hard time taking our own advice?

Here it is again for those of you in the back of the room!

Naps: The ultimate self-care remedy. Take one today, I promise you your body will thank you.

Put your oxygen mask on first. Self care is essential for all parents to make it through the day.

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