The Instrumentalist projects

The Instrumentalist engages in projects aimed at building an integrated community through participation in and benefiting from the results of the projects.

Our projects

The Greats

Aims to appraise note-worthy instrumentalists/musicians in our communities and the industry by documenting their life/works. While writing up biographies of the more popular instrumentalists would be appreciated, we are more interested in the talents that need recognition for their work, unnoticed by many.

To contribute, create a Medium account, publish a story and send any of our Facebook group admins the link. We’ll go through it, then request from you, through Medium, for it to be published under The Instrumentalist publication.

Endeavour to use as many photos as possible in your post as well as link to works of the individual such as videos, books, websites, awards etc.


TIC stands for The Instrumentalist Challenges. Have ideas? Drop them in our Facebook group!

TIM games

The Instrumentalist Meetup games are fun games that can be engaged in during meetups and other events. You can suggest a game or create your own. We’ll be compiling all these games in a document to make them available to all everyone. Send in your games. We’ll be happy to play them!

Suggest new projects

Have ideas for new projects the community can work on? Shoot us a message on our Facebook group and we’ll see if we can try it out! Cheers!!!