How to Start Successfully Changing Your Life

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You know, you finally decided to accomplish that goal of yours, you finally understood that you must do something to improve your life, you finally realized the importance of improving the quality of your life, and you feel like you can do anything right ?

The annoying thing is that you’ll totally forget about it the moment you wake up the next day, then a week or two after, you start wondering what you did wrong. Sounds familiar ?

In this article I’m going to show you how to increase the quality of your life long term, so that you’ll consistently see a positive improvement in your lifestyle.

Step 1 : Focus on one thing

Many people try to ‘change their life’ and want to do everything at once, get overwhelmed, then they give up. That’s exactly what you want to avoid. In order to start making progress, you should focus on one, just one area at a time. Find some area in your life that you want to improve, and then put all your energy to change that specific area.

Doing this will stop you from being overwhelmed, and will help you take specific actions that will get you specific results which will fuel you and encourage you to continue your journey.

To do : Focus on one thing you want to improve at a time

Step 2 : Make a plan

After you’ve decided which one area you want to change, it’s time to make a plan. Making a plan means breaking down your objective into smaller steps that are more doable and less abstract.

Here’s What your plan should contain :

  • Your ultimate goal
  • small miliestones with a deadline

That’s all, no need to make a massive strategy that makes you go to sleep every time you read it. Make sure you set smaller goals that are attainable, you don’t want to start with something too difficult that makes you want to give up. Also, you want to keep your plan somewhere you can take a look at it, your smartphone is a perfect place for that.

To do : Make a plan that contains your final objective, and smaller goals that you must attain before the deadline.

Step 3 : Take action

Making a good strategy is good and all that stuff, but what is it worth if you never actually use it, right ? The most important step is this one. The problem is that you’ll find it fairly easy to make a plan and all that stuff, but it needs to be implemented in order to work. You can have all the theory in the world but if you never actually try and apply what you learn, you’re basically wasting your time.. So here’s what you should do : follow the plan that you made earlier, simple as that.​

To do : Follow your own plan and apply it in your life on a daily basis

Step 4 : Track your progress

This is also an important action to take, which is measuring where you are. If you apply your plan but you never check what part you achieved and what’s left for you to do, you’ll be more likely to fail because you’ll feel like all your efforts are useless.

Instead, you want to track your progress each day, just ask yourself : What did I achieve today ? and write it down in your smartphone, or a notebook. This will allow you to be updated and keep track of your progress.

To do : At the end of each day, write down what you did that made you closer to achieving your milestones

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