Announcing the third Cohort of the Interchain Developer Academy

The Interchain Foundation
4 min readNov 18, 2022


A seven-week, part-time, online training program that covers the core aspects of the Interchain Stack

The Interchain Foundation is funding the third cohort of the Interchain Developer Academy, a program designed for experienced web2 and web3 developers looking to begin or continue a career in blockchain.

350 experienced developers have been through the program to date, and the next cohort has places for 200 more. 96% of participants have said they would recommend the Academy to friends and colleagues, and satisfaction with the hands-on training is at 90%.

“I found the Academy to be very thorough, exhaustive and helpful. I feel confident I now have the tools and network to start building my own Cosmos-based app chain.” Max Heilman, Cohort 2 Participant

The Academy is a seven-week online program that gives you access to more than 70 hours of content developed and delivered by leading blockchain experts from our education partner, B9lab. Each participant’s self-paced journey benefits from instructor led workshops and hands-on guidance from our skilled support team, not to mention the collective knowledge and experiences shared within each cohort’s community platform.

You’ll discover the foundational principles of blockchain technology and get a comprehensive overview of the Interchain Stack and ecosystem, elaborating on similarities and differences with other platforms as well as working with ATOM, wallets, and staking.

After completing the Academy training, you’ll have a solid understanding of:

  • Blockchain technology and cryptography
  • Developing with the Cosmos SDK & Ignite CLI
  • Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol
  • Building front- and backends with CosmJS
  • Integrating wallets such as Keplr
  • Relaying in the Interchain

Participants who pass the final exam receive certification from the Interchain Foundation and join the growing alumni community, where you can explore projects and open roles.

Join 200 developers on their Interchain journey

Applications are open for the third cohort of the Academy. The deadline for taking the screening test is on November 24th, and you’ll find out if you’ve been allocated a place at the Academy by November 28th.

Cohort 3 will run from December 1st 2022 to March 16th 2023, including a two-week holiday break. There are only 200 seats on the program, so make sure you secure yours. You can find out more about the application process here.

Why learn the Interchain Stack?

The Interchain consists of independent, interconnected, application-specific blockchains, built using developer-friendly, modular components from the Cosmos SDK, and connected with the ground-breaking Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).

Using the Interchain Stack, developers build entirely autonomous, sovereign blockchain-based apps that can also easily interconnect with both traditional software and other blockchains. They can also rely on a well-maintained, continuously updated product stack, plus a large, active and supportive community.

All this has enormous implications for blockchain technology, and means the demand for developers in the Interchain will continue to rise. There are currently more than 50 appchains built with the Interchain Stack, all interconnected with one another, and with hundreds of dApps and services built on them.

“The most valuable thing about the Academy is by far the amount of support that you get from both the instructors AND the community. I now have a much better understanding of CosmosSDK and what it takes to develop an application-specific blockchain. If you’re interested in becoming a Cosmos SDK developer, joining the Academy is a no-brainer.”

Basel Hashish, Support & Solutions Engineer | Interchain Developer Academy Graduate

Is the Academy right for you?

You should apply for a place on the Interchain Developer Academy if you’re passionate about blockchain technology and serious about leveling up (or starting) your blockchain career, or even building your own project with the Interchain Stack.

You don’t need to know anything about coding blockchain to apply, but you do need at least three years of professional programming experience and be willing and able to commit to 10 hours of work per week to complete the program. Within the seven week program you can approach the materials at your own pace, consulting our skilled support team if in need of hands-on guidance, and tap into the knowledge of other participants through the cohort’s community platform.

The application process and key dates

Applications are open now until November 24th, and begin with a screening test to evaluate your knowledge of software development concepts and problem-solving skills. There are no blockchain-related questions in this test — you’ll learn all about that in the Academy.

You’ll find out if you’ve passed the screening test and have been accepted to the program by November 28th. The Academy training starts on December 1st, 2022 and runs through to March 16th, including an exam period and two week holiday period.

Visit to find out more about the application and screening process. There are limited places on this cohort, so make sure you secure yours!

About B9lab

B9lab have trained over 17,000 people in more than 160 countries about multiple blockchain protocols, and now they have been tasked by the Interchain Foundation to run the Interchain Developer Academy. They are passionate about technology adoption, getting new developers into web3, and helping blockchain ecosystems to thrive.



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