Cosmos Hub Vega Upgrade Testnet Details

Attention all Cosmos Hub Validators and Node Operators

We’ve just launched a testnet for the vega upgrade including the gaia v6.0.0 release candidate. The testnet is a snapshot of the current cosmos hub with some modifications so that over 66% of the voting power is controlled by nodes controlled by the Cosmos Hub Team. Validators can either re-use their current keys to participate or ask us for new token allocations that can be self-delegated to a new validator operator key. Please request tokens in the #validators-verified channel of the Cosmos Developer Discord.

The testnet includes an upgrade proposal that can be voted on in order to perform the upgrade within 24 hours. We recommend using cosmovisor to automate the update, and encourage use of the auto-download feature so that the upgrade happens completely automatically. This is a big step towards making future upgrades seamless, however for best security practices node operators should independently verify the check-sum of the new binary by disabling the auto-download feature.

The testnet is now live and the upgrade proposal will take place on Wednesday, Nov 10th. There will be a 24 hour voting period over Thursday, Nov 11th so that the actual testnet upgrade takes place on Friday, Nov 12th. If there are no issues we will make the mainnet proposal on the Cosmos Hub so that the mainnet upgrade takes place around Wednesday, Dec 1st.

Full instructions to join the public testnet can be found at

There is a block explorer at

There is also a Local Testnet that you can use to run the upgrade in a local setting at your own convenience and test out the auto-download feature of Cosmovisor. Instructions for the local testnet can be found at

If you are a validator please post any further questions in the #validators-verified channel. If you are not a validator but have questions please post them in the #run-infrastructure channel.



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As stewards of the interchain, we advance the development of an interoperable, sustainable, and community-owned decentralized ecosystem.