ICF Delegations Policy

Here we go Cosmonauts and Validators, the final version of the Interchain Foundation Delegations Policy that you yourselves helped to create is complete!

The work behind the creation of the Delegation Policy was really substantial, but for those of us who worked on it, it was always clear how this was a priority and an incredible opportunity to add value in a concrete way to our ecosystem starting with the smallest realities.

We are so grateful for all the incredible insights and thoughts you have offered us over the past few weeks via forums, community calls, and private messages. We can confidently say that ours is truly an incredible community, and we hope that the final result makes you feel fully represented.

> You can find the Delegations Policy linked here <

Validators, you have 2 weeks to submit your application: by 12am CET on 29 October 2022.

> Fill out the Validators Application Form Now! <

Feel free at any time to email us at marketing@interchain.io should you need support or clarification regarding the process or completion of the form itself.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this project, this is just the beginning of a new era for Interchain Foundation and we look forward to showing you what else we have in store.



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