Preparing for the Cosmos Hub v7-Theta upgrade

Everything you need to know about the Theta testnet program for validators, wallets and integrators

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3 min readMar 10, 2022


We are gearing up for the Cosmos Hub v7-Theta upgrade in April! As per the Cosmos Hub roadmap, this release includes Cosmos SDK v0.45.1, the exciting new Interchain Account Module, an upgraded Gravity DEX, IBC v3.0.0, and many performance improvements.

We’re providing a number of opportunities for you to prepare for the upgrades through our testnet program. Although the best place to learn more is the Cosmos testnets repository on GitHub, key highlights are covered below.

Upgrade Testing: Public Testnet for Cosmos Hub Validators

We’re running a public testnet where participating validators can test out their processes for upgrading to the v7-Theta release candidate. The upgrade process on the public testnet will simulate the expected process on mainnet, starting with the submission of a software upgrade proposal with a specified upgrade binary and block height, followed by a governance vote to approve the proposed upgrade plan.

You’ll find all the relevant information to joining the public testnet here, including a genesis file and addresses to persistent peers. The genesis file for this upgrade testnet was exported from the mainnet at block height 9034670 with modifications so that the testnet team controls 75% of the voting power to ensure liveness as well as parameter tweaks for a quicker voting period.

We plan to simulate the upgrade process on this public testnet around March 17th. You’ll find an up to date testnet schedule here. Once tested on the public testnet, the mainnet software upgrade proposal will follow.

We have a block explorer running at:

Quickstart instructions to state sync with our snapshots are here.

If you are a validator please post any further questions in the #validators-verified channel. If you are not a validator but have questions please post them in the #run-infrastructure channel on the Cosmos developers discord.

Integration Testing: Devnet for Wallets, Block Explorers, Exchanges and Integrators

If you’re a developer working on applications that integrate with Cosmos Hub, you can test your products such as wallets, explorers, or front-ends for exchanges, against our v7-Theta endpoints. For current information about our devnet, please checkout the testnet repository.

We’ll be re-running these devnets regularly as new releases becoming available, starting from fresh genesis state. If you’d like your Cosmos accounts to be added to the genesis, you can make a PR in the Cosmos testnets repository on GitHub with your Cosmos address and stating that you’d like to be included in future devnets.

Sunsetting the Vega testnet

Now that the Theta public testnet is live, Vega testnet will no longer be active after April 1st 2022. If you’ve been a validator on the Vega testnet, you can choose to move your resources off of this network whenever you like. Thank you again for helping us keep the Vega testnet running and we hope you’ll join on the Theta testnet as well!

Both the devnet and the public testnet are now live! Check them out at Cosmos testnets repository on GitHub. Stay up to date on testnet announcements by following the Cosmos Hub and Hypha Coop Twitter accounts.



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