The Interchain Stack Roadmap: Help Shape the Future

The Interchain Foundation


The Interchain Foundation (ICF) and the broader interchain community are built on collaboration and open dialogue. Now, your input is needed to influence development and funding priorities in 2024. We’ll use your feedback to help shape and focus the ICF’s funding strategy around the community’s most critical needs.

Alongside the Distributed Development Teams we work with, we have put together the Interchain Stack Roadmap: a comprehensive blueprint that outlines the collective development strategy across the different parts of the stack.

Within this roadmap, we’ve outlined four strategic themes: increase modularity by generalizing the software so that it can be adapted more easily to specific use cases; improve the developer experience so that it’s easier to build with the Interchain Stack; pay off technical debt so that we can make progress more quickly; and drive user adoption so that value-aligned communities are aware of the work that we do. We need your insights and perspective about these themes and the deliverables related to them.

Through this effort we aim to ensure that:

  1. stakeholders shape the development of the Stack;
  2. the Interchain Stack is the best choice for value-aligned builders;
  3. anyone can plug in and easily contribute to propelling the stack forward.

If you use the Interchain Stack, please provide feedback about the future of the stack before October 1st by using this form and/or attending the Public Consultation calls on September 18 & 19. This is just the opening request for the community to help. We hope to receive ongoing feedback on the roadmap from you moving forward.

It’s important for us to know what you deem as mission-critical as well as what you find irrelevant or not useful. As you read and digest the document, you can also submit multiple forms and we’ll take them into account.

This initial stakeholder review window is crucial to shape a comprehensive strategic plan for the Interchain Stack to use for 2024 that is both practical and impactful.

View the Interchain Stack Roadmap here >>

Today, the Interchain Stack is at the forefront of the industry and used by hundreds of chains and dApps. However, the stack’s components need to continuously evolve to stay competitive. As such, the roadmap for the Interchain Stack is, and will always be, a living document — a document that evolves alongside new innovations, changing circumstances, and community feedback.

The published Interchain Stack Roadmap is focused on near-term strategic plans for 2024. As this roadmap evolves, we aim to include longer-term strategic plans that may span multiple years.

Next Steps

  1. Click here to read the roadmap.
  2. Provide feedback before October 1st via the feedback form and/or the public calls. Please note that feedback delivered via social media or other channels will not be considered; you must provide your feedback directly on the form or live on the call.

Public Consultation Calls

  • Monday, September 18, 4PM UTC | CometBFT, Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm
  • Tuesday, September 19, 4PM UTC | Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol

Click here to register for the calls.

Please join us on this exciting journey. Your insights and contributions are not just welcome — they are essential.

Together, let’s build the future of the interchain.



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