A slightly new direction for our Patreon posts

So as may be obvious to our Patreon readers, we’re not always the best at getting the extra Patreon posts out onto the site.

(For that matter, lately, we haven’t been spectacular at getting regular posts out the door and for that I apologize. Earlier this year my husband’s gallbladder decided it no longer wanted to be a good neighbor and started throwing rocks at his liver. It’s been evicted, but, well, medical chaos is weird and it affects schedules in unexpected ways.)

What I’m thinking, and what we’re going to experiment with, is posting super-short posts about oddities and weirdness in UX. For example, there’s this gem I spotted earlier today:

Screenshot of a popup ad on Newsweek’s website that says this ad will not preview on IOS 12.2 Safari. Please preview on another device or desktop browser.
This is what we call some serious confidence in a user’s desire to see an ad: asking them to go to another browser so they can see it.

I’m not sure if these will end up being humorous or analytical or just What the…? But we’re going to give it a shot.

Maybe what we’ll end up with is a metadata-tagged archive of useful screenshots that Patrons can access for examples in talks. Maybe what we’ll end up with is an archive of tweets we saw that cracked us up. Maybe we’ll get busy ejecting other body parts on the grounds that they’re bad neighbors. 2019 is nothing but surprises, after all.

In the meantime, if you’re not a member of our patreon you can sign up with any of the multiple widgets on the page or by visiting our Patreon page. And we’ll do our best to get back on the post wagon here in the meantime.

Originally published at The Interconnected.