Welcome to our new time travel division!

Here at Internet Corporation, we take time seriously. After all, is it not our most precious resource?

That’s why we are pleased to announce our latest service in our continuing effort to change the world:

Internet Family Time Travel Tunnel or IFTTT™

With our patented technology you won’t be wandering around some small town park looking for the nearest gazebo. No, you’ll arrive in style after strolling down our hyper-hygienic IFTTT safely and in style.

We can take your entire family to any timeline you desire with the flick of a switch!

Our state of the art facility is protected from independent meddlers by our Time Hunter Security Force. If you experience any problems during your stay, we can dispatch a Time Hunter immediately to your timeline.

For an additional fee we can also provide your very own time hunter to guide you through your chosen timeline. They will easily neutralize any threats to your safety and point out the local color. Consequences be damned!

We’re committed to making time travel accessible to all. By commercializing the process, we can avoid the messiness of those early “DIY” years. We do hope you will join us on the IFTTT soon. To begin, please contact us by leaving your name and the desired decade(s) you would like to visit in the form below. We accept all present-day forms of currency, gold bullion, and most major credit cards*

Need support? Our experts are standing by.

*Unfortunately, we cannot accept shade coins from that other LLC.