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Bigger opportunities + bigger challenges = bigger Internet of Me

Internet of Me is getting bigger and better. We always had grand ambitions, but we also need to grow to meet the demands of a personal data economy that is expanding exponentially.

The amount of data each of us creates every day will not slow. Our lives will only become more digital. Yet still so many of the rights we should have over our own information remain beyond our reach. Much is changing, though. Innovation brings us greater agency. The EU GDPR is now less than a year from being an everyday reality.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is playing an ever-greater — and often unseen — role in our daily activities, sucking up vast amounts of data in order to be so clever.

The tech giants hold immense power — and vast amounts of our data — while also pushing innovation and giving us services that seem indispensable.

Internet of Me is the go-to publication for this fast-changing world. We speak to the innovators, visionaries, movers, shakers and decision makers to explore new ideas and opportunities and try to make sense of the challenges.

Sign up at the IoM website to get a free copy of the new, re-designed Internet of Me print newspaper

We now have a dedicated Internet of Me website which will soon be packed with brillaint new content. We will also be putting our print newspaper onto a regular footing – and with a totally new look. You can receive a copy by signing up at the website.

Internet of Me will still publish content on Medium because it is such a great place to share and discover new ideas. If you don’t already, please follow the Internet of Me publication.

Internet of Me is media partner for two of this summer’s most dynamic events — Personal Data Week in New York and MyData2017 in Estonia and Finland. We are also working with global foresight initiative Future Agenda on its Future of Patient Centric Healthcare project and will bring reports from the worldwide programme of events and workshops to Internet of Me readers.

Internet of Me is for you — the innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, businesses, and, of course, data-creating individuals. And it needs your support. Internet of Me needs sponsorship from organisations that see the value in a quality publication dedicated to this new, exciting economy. It also needs to hear about what is going on in all corners of the personal data ecosystem.

We’re really excited about this next phase of Internet of Me. We have some great content lined up, with much more to come from all the things we’ll be doing over the summer.

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Internet of Me thanks for its continued sponsorship and welcomes new sponsors and B.heard.

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Simon Carroll



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