5 Ways to Let Universe Bring What You Want. Every time.

Balinese “Day of Silence” 2016 in Ubud
I received this short text from an old friend I haven’t seen in ages: “Just come here and visit us!” Little did I know that this random chat would lead me to a life changing opportunity. Things like this happen too often in my life, coincidently.
Or do they really?

Knowing what you want is one thing. But the journey of getting it is another story. A lot of people say that they don’t like to be where they are right now. But they don’t know how to change the condition. They feel trapped.

Moving out from something safe is scary. Going to the unknown is risky and terrifying. It always is! There’s no guarantee if things would work out according to the plan. In fact, the guarantee is: things would never go according to the plan.

Whenever someone ask me how to start something you always want to do, the answer would depend on the objectives of the question. Are they looking for a practical answer? Or do they ask out of fear? Do they try to find reassurance that they would be fine once taking that courageous step?

Practical answers can always be found in books, or any classes, or any professional consultations. But reassurance can be only found within oneself. It takes faith to take that leap into the unknown. It takes strong belief that — while the path would always be far from smooth — it would be just fine. Because the universe would always conspire to help you out.

Only if you do the right things to let it do the job unexpectedly.

I just came back from my one-year responsibility in Cambodia at that time. I had exactly only 10 days in Indonesia, before continuing the upcoming projects in Taiwan and the Philippines for 3 months. Initially, I planned to spend the whole time with family.

We just finished a rare big family lunch when I received a short text from a good friend. He asked me if I’d like to say hello to the crowd in this conference nearby. I was a bit hesitant to leave my family, but it was a rare occasion to meet these old friends all at once. So there I was, running to the event quickly only for some short warm hugs.

That small plan led to a surprise. I met and had a short conversation with an almost stranger there. He’s a leader whom I have a lot of respect for, but never had the chance to meet in person. Our short introduction chat then led us to work together for just some months after! We worked collaboratively to create and execute this national scale program to help young people all over Indonesia to discover and develop themselves so they can start their journeys to contribute positively to their surroundings.

Now that I recall the moment, I couldn’t believe how two strangers with the same long life dreams could meet coincidently and eventually work together. Everything seemed so random. Everything went fast. Everything sounded like just a nice coincidence. Things like this happen too often in my life.

Things like wanting something badly then getting it in the most unexpected ways and at the unexpected time.

Some people say I must be very lucky. But since I experience things like this for so many times, I started to recognize some patterns.

I know this isn’t luck.

Every single of us has the power to actively open the window to let the universe conspire in bringing what we want. And most importantly, bringing what we need, every time. Here are the simple steps on how to do so.

1. Know exactly what you want AND why you want it

because the universe doesn’t want to bring a random order

I don’t want it to sound like a mumbo jumbo. But it is indeed, one and foremost, the most fundamental thing we need to ensure to let the universe conspire to help us.

One of the problems with people who find it difficult to get what they want is because they aren’t clear about what they truly want. Let alone why they want it. They want life to be better, but how better? They want to get the opportunity to do a fulfilling career, but what is it that would grant them fulfillment?

It also can be the case when they think they know what they want. However they don’t have a clear reason. They thought they want it just because other people told them so. They thought they want it because other people look awesome doing that. For a lot of reasons, humans might never feel enough. Human beings want too many things, and it goes endless.

So before asking how to get what you want, you better ask first:

What do you truly truly want?

Why do you want it?

Does it also serve others something good?

The universe would love to conspire to help you out if what you desire to do also contribute to serving others. It knows that every human being should play a role in the grand plan.

And that’s the beginning of opening the lock of the window of the right opportunities. The beginning to let the universe do their part. It is also to get great energy for our second point because — heaven knows — how much you would need it.

2. Be ready to go ALL OUT

and that means: ready to work crazily hard, while enjoying the journey of rise and (lots of) fall

To know is only to begin. To understand how the process would be is the next step. To be ready to fight and sacrifice is what makes it different.

A worthwhile journey is always tough. It is dynamic. Endless. It can be painful. It is definitely not for the faint heart. The right opportunity would only come when we’re ready to go all out. It wouldn’t come to a person who was unsure about the sacrifice and the full effort they’re willing to make. It wouldn’t also go to a person who doesn’t seem excited for the challenge.

There was one time when I applied for a job. On the paper, I had no doubt that I’d make a great candidate. But the employer decided to choose the other candidate who showed more excitement and ready to give it all out. While I was, on the other hand, was still unsure. I had a lot of concerns and other considerations. I was negotiating with the universe to find more comfort and easier path than to strive. I apparently wasn’t willing to do the sacrifices that I needed to do. Later then I understood, it actually goes back to point number 1. It wasn’t exactly what would serve my ultimate purpose.

Now imagine that the universe was like a potential employer and you’re a job applicant. Anyone would only want to give the opportunity to someone who is willing to strive, to fight for the mission, and who is excited about the role. And that’s exactly how universe choose when and to whom it would give the opportunity.

3. Put yourself out there, let it find you

universe would not knock at your bedroom door

I remember the time when I just moved to Bali. Even before finding a place to stay, I was first looking for a coworking space.

I’ve been always clear with what I want to do in life and my reason to do so. However, I wasn’t sure about the most suitable channel to pursue it. Then I went to the perfect place where the universe can find me.

Coworking space is, by far, the best platform for me to interact with various types of career and be in touch with different type of communities. Their members come from diverse professions and backgrounds. It is also an awesome place to meet some unexpected opportunities. It is definitely a well-suited place to explore, to learn, and to be surprised.

It was late afternoon when I had a casual chat with an architect/artist (whom I just met) at the balcony of this coworking space . I told her that I had an idea to create a creative facilitation book for young adults. Within only a couple of days, she then introduced me to some of her friends.

One thing led to another, she put me in contact with this person. Someone who had the similar aspiration to contribute in the process of shaping the future generation. A strong individual whom I call as my writing partner in the Book Project.

It was the beginning of the most exciting journey I’ve been having till date. And I definitely would not get such opportunity if I just isolated myself in my room, on my individual working desk. We always need to put ourselves out there, where universe could bring the opportunity right in front of our nose.

4. Know when to say “No”

and when to say “Yes”

Once you let yourself out there for the universe to find you, there could be times when you are offered with tons of different opportunities. If you were like me, sometimes you might have the tendencies to bite more than you could chew. The opportunities might all look great. We could get pumped up to take them all. We think that we are great in multitasking anyway, so juggling roles would be rather exciting than difficult.


Saying yes to temptation could bring us further from what we intend to achieve. Not only it could put our main goals on hold, it could also decrease our initial energy and motivation. And even scarier, it could bring us off track.

It doesn’t mean that you could only strictly do one thing at a time. People have different conditions and circumstances. It is nonsense to tell someone to suddenly quit their job while they need to provide food for their families. Sometimes juggling is inevitable, and that’s okay.

What makes the right opportunity is different from temptation is the aim it serves. Temptation would always serve the short term goal. It looks easy in the beginning but it has the possibility to trap you in a comfort zone where you are shifted further from your initial purpose.

Right opportunities would require a lot of works but in line with your long-term goal. The journey would grant you the equipment you need along the way. It would also open other doors of opportunities. And most importantly, a right opportunity should align with your core values.

Be courageous to say “No” to temptation, so universe could bring you the right opportunities that lead you to your ultimate goals.

5. Listen to the signs, and take the leap

Imagine you’re playing a video game. You’re the main actor, taking a quest to find treasure. In the quest, you would meet people, you would go to places, you would find clues. These things play the role as signs in getting you closer to the treasure you seek.

I take “everything happens for a reason” phrase pretty literal. To some extent, I believe that universe communicates through small signs. And these signs lead me to the unexpected opportunity, if — and only if — I choose courage to take the leap.

Signs can take form in something we see, hear, or experience. They come when you already have the right questions in mind and seek for answers. They come when you know exactly what you want but, perhaps, still unsure how to get there. They come when you are ready to fight for taking the quest to your treasure.

Always ask. Look around. Listen. Then take the leap.

There is always troops behind every warrior. There is no way a champion can win the battle all by themselves. Even when you think you’re walking alone on a road less traveled, have a faith that you are not.

When you fight for the right thing, the universe would always conspire to help you. It always comes when you are ready. When you have the clarity of reason. When you are ready to fight and to sacrifice. It comes when you are ready to be committed to taking the endless quest. It comes when you need guards to hold on to your dreams.

Be clear and be still.

But be open at the same time. Because universe conspires and shows the way in the most unexpected way.

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