How Can Talent Be Forgotten?

a Snippet

Most of us were raised in a society that thinks the world is one giant competition, and that we need to win this one game if we don’t want to be seen as a failure. Education system — at least in the culture I’ve been raised in — has been training our mindset to do so since forever. We are wired to perceive that some subjects in school are more important than others. We are also instilled with a perception that a brilliant student is the one who can get good grades in all academic subjects. Well-rounded achievements are valued greatly, driven by the fear of losing this “competition” called life, while some Talents that weren’t perceived as useful in general academic subjects were underrated. It is often neglected how Talent is unique and special to each person. Sometimes we forget how Talent should be appreciated as an inborn gift and how all of us have the privilege to develop it for a much more fulfilling life.

When we are young, it is easy to be encouraged or to be discouraged out of something, especially when the Talent we naturally have is not considered as prestigious in our societal framework. It seemed like a lot of children are educated out of fear of the future rather than respecting their freedom to express, explore, and develop their natural Talents. This could be one of the most fundamental reasons why most of people aren’t aware of their Talent.