Does An INTJ Ever Get Bored?

I recently heard a child in public state how boooored they were in a whiney tone to their mom, and shortly following my inner mental tantrum from my annoyance, I realized that I cannot recall a singular instance in my life where I was “bored”, so it raised the question; Does an INTJ ever get bored?

I was an only child for 7 years before my brother was born, and during that time my parents made me sit through all sorts of crap; up to and including their college classes. I cannot fathom a child today having to sit through my father’s computer-less engineering classes in college, sitting through my parent’s couples dance lessons, events, Amway meetings (thank goodness that was short lived) and countless other things. If I had a book or a coloring book I was good….for hours. I never made a sound, never ran around and could literally sit in a chair, or on a floor coloring and reading for eternity.

My parents saved serious scrilla on babysitters. I don’t remember ever having a babysitter. At home, I lived in my room doing the same thing; coloring and reading. Some people would call that “being bored”, but that does not define boredom for me. I honestly don’t know what that is. I don’t need to be entertained, and if I did need entertaining, I always managed to take care of that on my own, without television (I wasn’t allowed, and no, I didn’t have a problem with that).

Once my brother was born, as well as the three other children that followed, the freedom that my quiet self-entertained nature provided for my parents was long gone. Then I had to deal with sitting through the other kid’s activities for the rest of my existence prior to moving out. I took to reading an insane amount of material, hidden behind the headphones of my walkman. I lived in the car.

I can tolerate periods of downtime like none other, and there was a period of time where I drove a limo, just to give me time to read while being paid. I loved it. There were times I sat in the car for 5 hours or more, and I was never bored. This was before smartphones, so I can imagine it is easier now to sit and wait for most people. I can sit and wait forever, as I can always find something to do…especially now that we have smartphones. Seriously, how can anyone ever get bored?

Now as I have grown older, my list of hobbies, interests, things I want to read, learn and build has grown at such an uncontrollable rate I have to eliminate things in my life just to find the time. There is no time for boredom because I always stay interested in something and I am always elbow deep in a project or 6. I wish I had more time to play games and read, and I find it, but good lord is there never any time to be bored.

The word boredom is right up there with other words I fail to personally understand, such as jealousy, hate and envy. None of those words have any relevance to me or my life, although they seem to be relevant to a vast majority of people. An INTJ thing? You tell me.

Originally published at Amanda Evans.

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