Heroin Chic

Rather Bleak

Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash

What a disgrace
Blood stained hand
Pale white face

How do I keep up this façade
Don’t envy me
As you sit and applaud

Heroin chic
No longer in fashion
Still fucking a rock star
In his mansion
I held my body for ransom
You can’t even imagine

My life had become a blur
An obstacle of lies
Obstacle obscure…




There will be no judgment or bullying in this sacred safe space. Views about Spirituality, Darkness, self love; spiritual growth; any damn thing you please…respect each other and us writer’s can be at ease

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Kira Dawn

Kira Dawn

Lyrical Prose molds my soul. Journey that led me to the Gorgeous Mess of Chaos that you see. One with God. I am merely a vessel. I am authentically me. Broken.

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