The Proverbial Itch

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

today I am blanked out
I am taking a break from life
darkness looming the horizons
I am floating like the lonely moon
moving in the crazy winds of life
nothing to lose, nothing to gain
I was like the first summer rain
full of adventure and curiosity
only to fall face down onto the unknown terrain
to get diluted into the sinful stains
I lie there like a blank piece of paper
for Him to smear with the paint
I guess there was a bit too much red
no, I am not holding a fragrant rose
but a blood-soaked piece of paper flower
like an arrow shot in the air
like an erratic beat of the drum
I was thrown into the eternity
never to return, the curse of destiny
not sure, why He pulled me out from the millions
dragging me to the cosmic egg
chained me down inside the darkest chamber
just to flash me with the flooding light
just to poke me with pain and despair
like a broken bird inside the cage
my soul flutters in helplessness
through the narrow grills
the sky is still so distant
my salvation is still a distant dream
Darling, I am kneeling down at the crossroads of life
feeling worthless
feeling your pain
with tears turning red
I can only blame Him for this journey
you may call me crazy
still, my soul crying “Holy”
today, I am taking a break from life
today, I am blanked out
today, I am dead.




There will be no judgment or bullying in this sacred safe space. Views about Spirituality, Darkness, self love; spiritual growth; any damn thing you please…respect each other and us writer’s can be at ease

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I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.

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