NFL Week 13 Picks

MG: Mark Gales

WEEK 12: (11–5) Season total: (107–68–2)

ZS: Zac Sheaffer

WEEK 12: (12–4) Season total: (112–63–2)

CO: Camden Ostrander

WEEK 12: (7–9) Season total: (94–81–2)

AR: Atticus Rice

WEEK 12: (10–6) Season total: (105–70–2)

KP: Kenny Porter

WEEK 12: (10–6) Season total: (98–77–2)

Thursday, December 1:

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings

Dak Prescott will be all smiles if the Cowboys are able to beat the Vikings for their 11th win a row.

MG: Dallas Cowboys
ZS: Dallas Cowboys
CO: Dallas Cowboys
AR: Dallas Cowboys
KP: Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, December 4:

Kansas City Chiefs @ Atlanta Falcons

The Chiefs had a big win last Sunday night against the Broncos.

MG: Atlanta Falcons
ZS: Kansas City Chiefs
CO: Kansas City Chiefs
AR: Atlanta Falcons
KP: Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

Can Matthew Stafford lead the Lions to a victory in the Super Dome?

MG: New Orleans Saints
ZS: Detroit Lions
CO: New Orleans Saints
AR: New Orleans Saints
KP: New Orleans Saints

Los Angeles Rams @ New England Patriots

Tom Brady was feeling pretty deflated once he hurt his favorite weapon Gronk will be out 8 weeks

MG: New England Patriots
ZS: New England Patriots
CO: New England Patriots
AR: New England Patriots
KP: New England Patriots

Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Von Miller (58) and the rest of the Broncos defense is looking forward to facing Blake Bortles on Sunday.

MG: Denver Broncos
ZS: Denver Broncos
CO: Denver Broncos
AR: Denver Broncos
KP: Denver Broncos

Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers

Rookie Will Fuller (15) is going to have a big day against the Packers defense. Notre Dame is really missing him this year!

MG: Houston Texans
ZS: Green Bay Packers
CO: Houston Texans
AR: Green Bay Packers
KP: Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Eagles and Bengals are in free fall lately…who will get a much needed win this week?

MG: Philadelphia Eagles
ZS: Philadelphia Eagles
CO: Philadelphia Eagles
AR: Philadelphia Eagles
KP: Philadelphia Eagles

Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens

Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill pictured here with his BEAUTIFUL wife, Lauren. Ryan is winning in more ways than one…

MG: Miami Dolphins
ZS: Miami Dolphins
CO: Baltimore Ravens
AR: Baltimore Ravens
KP: Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers @ Chicago Bears

The battle of last place in the NFC!

MG: San Francisco 49ers
ZS: Chicago Bears
CO: San Francisco 49ers
AR: Chicago Bears
KP: Chicago Bears

Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr is quickly becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the league this season.

MG: Oakland Raiders
ZS: Oakland Raiders
CO: Oakland Raiders
AR: Oakland Raiders
KP: Oakland Raiders

New York Giants @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger faces the New York Giants in a must win game to stay alive in the AFC playoff hunt.

MG: New York Giants
ZS: Pittsburgh Steelers
CO: Pittsburgh Steelers
AR: Pittsburgh Steelers
KP: New York Giants

Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals


MG: Arizona Cardinals
ZS: Washington Redskins
CO: Arizona Cardinals
AR: Washington Redskins
KP: Washington Redskins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Diego Chargers

Can Jameis Wintston lead the Bucs to a third straight win?

MG: San Diego Chargers
ZS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
CO: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
AR: San Diego Padres
KP: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman is looking forward to slowing down one of his enemies, Cam Newton.

MG: Seattle Seahawks
ZS: Seattle Seahawks
CO: Seattle Seahawks
AR: Seattle Seahawks
KP: Carolina Panthers

Monday, December 5:

Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets

Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick looking back at how his 2016 season has gone…

MG: Indianapolis Colts
ZS: Indianapolis Colts
CO: Indianapolis Colts
AR: Indianapolis Colts
KP: Indianapolis Colts