NFL Week 15

NFL Week 15 Picks

MG: Mark Gales

WEEK 14: (11–5) | Season total: (125–81–2)

ZS: Zac Sheaffer

WEEK 14: (9–7) | Season total: (134–72–2)

CO: Camden Ostrander

WEEK 14: (6–10) | Season total: (111–95–2)

AR: Atticus Rice

WEEK 14: (13–3) | Season total: (128–78–2)

KP: Kenny Porter

WEEK 14: (11–5) | Season total: (121–85–2)

Thursday, December 15:

Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

The Rams have beaten the Seahawks three times in a row. Will the streak continue?

MG: Seattle Seahawks

ZS: Seattle Seahawks
CO: Seattle Seahawks
AR: Seattle Seahawks
KP: Seattle Seahawks

Saturday, December 17:

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

With Ryan Tannehill hurt, the Dolphins will rely on backup quarterback Matt Moore to rise to the occasion.

MG: Miami Dolphins
ZS: Miami Dolphins
CO: Miami Dolphins
AR: Miami Dolphins
KP: New York Jets

Sunday, December 18:

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been playing like a totally different team the past three weeks

MG: Green Bay Packers
ZS: Green Bay Packers
CO: Green Bay Packers
AR: Green Bay Packers
KP: Green Bay Packers

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

Since becoming the Jaguars coach, Gus Bradley has gone 14–47, including 2–11 this season. Sorry Jaguars fans.

MG: Houston Texans
ZS: Houston Texans
CO: Houston Texans
AR: Houston Texans
KP: Houston Texans

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills

Bills coach Rex Ryan appears to be on the hot seat in Buffalo. Can he save his season before its too late?

MG: Buffalo Bills
ZS: Buffalo Bills
CO: Cleveland Browns
AR: Buffalo Bills
KP: Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens

Battle of the green birds against the purple birds will take place in Baltimore on Sunday

MG: Philadelphia Eagles
ZS: Baltimore Ravens
CO: Philadelphia Eagles
AR: Baltimore Ravens
KP: Baltimore Ravens

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs jerseys are as RED hot as their team has been lately and is eyeing the #1 overall seed in the AFC.

MG: Kansas City Chiefs
ZS: Kansas City Chiefs
CO: Kansas City Chiefs
AR: Kansas City Chiefs
KP: Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit Lions @ New York Giants

First year Giants coach Ben McAdoo has worked wonders with Eli Manning and the Giants this season.

MG: New York Giants
ZS: New York Giants
CO: New York Giants
AR: Detroit Lions
KP: Detroit Lions

Indianapolis Colts @ Minnesota Vikings

Can the return of star running back Adrian Peterson to practice this week give the Vikings offense the spark they need?

MG: Minnesota Vikings
ZS: Minnesota Vikings
CO: Indianapolis Colts
AR: Minnesota Vikings
KP: Minnesota Vikings

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Over/Under THREE fights between these two rivals? Keep your eyes on Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict

MG: Pittsburgh Steelers
ZS: Pittsburgh Steelers
CO: Pittsburgh Steelers
AR: Pittsburgh Steelers
KP: Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals

Will Cardinals QB Carson Palmer connect with star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald against a mediocre Saints secondary?

MG: Arizona Cardinals
ZS: Arizona Cardinals
CO: New Orleans Saints
AR: New Orleans Saints
KP: New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has over 4,000 so far this season with three regular season games left!

MG: Atlanta Falcons
ZS: Atlanta Falcons
CO: Atlanta Falcons
AR: Atlanta Falcons
KP: Atlanta Falcons

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

The Broncos defense is looking forward to crushing Tom Brady all game long.

MG: New England Patriots
ZS: New England Patriots
CO: Denver Broncos
AR: New England Patriots
KP: New England Patriots

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

Derek Carr has given Raiders fans a reason to give their fan-base two thumbs up.

MG: Oakland Raiders
ZS: Oakland Raiders
CO: Oakland Raiders
AR: Oakland Raiders
KP: Oakland Raiders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

The Buccaneers and Cowboys have been the two biggest surprises in the NFC this season.

MG: Dallas Cowboys
ZS: Dallas Cowboys
CO: Dallas Cowboys
AR: Dallas Cowboys
KP: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Monday, December 19:

Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

Redskins CB Josh Norman is looking forward to facing off against his former team on Monday night

MG: Carolina Panthers
ZS: Carolina Panthers
CO: Carolina Panthers
AR: Carolina Panthers
KP: Washington Redskins

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