Bitwalking: generate money by walking

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A new digital currency is being launched where anyone can earn simply by walking around. The App is designed to count and verify your steps as you get paid for moving from place to place.

The currency was launched last weekend in Malawi, Kenya, Japan and the UK. The Go! app is free, but requires an invite from Bitwalking to download it from outside these countries.

Walking is good for the environment as it means fewer vehicles and less pollution for the planet. Because Bitwalking dollars (BW$) are earned by human movement it aims to support the reduction of global carbon footprint.

In the final week of COP21, world leaders from 150 countries and thousands of environmentalists meet again in Paris for the final five days of negotiations to reach an international deal to cap global warming.

Westminster students at the Harrow Campus gave their views on the new App:

The Bitwalking app is the brainchild of Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi. They have attracted over £6.6m of investment to help launch the revolutionary new currency and to create a bank to verify steps and money transfers.

Generate money through walking

But it is indisputable that generating money by doing nothing but walking is what most people will be interested in. According to Bitwalking website:

With Bitwalking you simply generate money by walking. Once installed on your phone, the free app converts steps to Bitwalking dollars (BW$) that you can manage and use as you wish. The money you generate accumulates each day, and remains in your account until transferred or spent […] We believe that everyone should have the freedom, and ability, to make money. A step is worth the same value for everyone — no matter who you are, or where you are. What matters is how much you walk.

As well as helping people to earn money, Bitwalking also promotes health as “walking can prove health and happiness.”

The BBC reports that in the UK there are plans to join forces with a major music festival in 2016 and there is also interest from shoe manufacturers and a UK high street bank.

Originally published at on July 12, 2015.

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