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The Intrepid Poet

Persevere and Defy

A Poem

Photo by Carolien van Oijen on Unsplash

I saved a bumblebee today.
He spent the remainder of his day
trying to get back into the place
from which I saved him.
It says a lot about him.

We are a lot alike in this way.

He should not be able to fly
but he does
despite science.

What does that say about us?



Poetry has the ability to awaken the deepest parts of our soul. Demanding we look beyond the surface of living. It comes in quietly and discretely leads us to profoundly deeper understandings of our experiences. If only you are willing to listen.

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Niki Madore

Niki Madore


An avid reader, poet, deep thinker, skier, and occasional skydiver. Always encouraging others to begin their journey to live authentically.