This is going to be a journey

This isn't another Apple fanboy blog. Not at all.

Lots of people already use an iPad as their primary computer for work and play. For many it’s everything they ever needed wrapped up into one handy, highly portable little machine. Touching the screen is now as natural for many as using a mouse and keyboard is to others.

And so here we are. Real people use the iPad for real work all the time.

For me, I’ve attempted such a thing in the past with mixed results. It’s been a little while since I sat down and used an iPad, which is the other point about these writings.

I’m no expert. A lot of this is feeling things out as I go along, sharing tips and tricks as I pick them up. Not just work either, because part of a great work experience is a healthy balance with chilling out.

But as I go on this journey I thought I’d share the experience. Apple news sites are everywhere, as is analysis, rumors and about everything else. I’m just one person trying something new and writing about it as I go along.

I won’t be giving up a desktop PC, or even my gaming laptop. But as a writer — I write for a living as well as this blog — a full PC is often too much. Too distracting. Taking up too much space in my bag when I go outside.

So I’m getting an iPad Pro to complement an iPhone SE and Apple Watch. A new way of working and approaching a tablet how I’ve longed to for some time.

Hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun.