The Iron Yard — Week 3

Hello! Week 3 at TIY was short and difficult! To start, Monday was Memorial day so we did not have class that day. That meant that we only have 4 days to learn what we would normally have 5 days to learn. I think that the lack of time is what has made this week so difficult for me.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we started learning about API’s and parsing data. I actually really like parsing data. I feel that its easy to understand and makes a lot of logical sense.

Wednesday: We started learning about Sinatra today. We are learning Sinatra first so that we can move onto Rails later and have the core concepts down. Sinatra is not easy. I feel like there’s a lot of magic that goes on with Sinatra that makes it hard to actually understand. On Wednesday our homework with Sinatra was making the tests that we were given pass. The homework was not that bad since we had a set of tests and it was easy to see a goal that we could accomplish.

Thursday: This day was the hardest. We started our weekend project today. We are working in pairs! Our weekend project is to make an event calendar where a user can input events and they will display on the calendar. That alone would not be so hard, but we also have to take date from a weather API and parse it so that we can match up the weather with the date and location of the event that is being planned. The second half of the weekend project is what is really difficult for me because I am not comfortable with Sinatra and it is an advanced assignment.

Friday: This day was lab day. We got all day to work on our weekend project. Even though my group had all day, I don’t really feel that we got very much done. Working with Sinatra is a struggle for me. While I can understand what other people have written in their code, it is hard for me to take those pieces and understand how they would work in something that I am doing. I am sure that once I understand how to use it I will not hate Sinatra as much! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! It’s time for me to get back to school work!




Hours worked: 64

Comfort-panic scale: 5.5