Guaranteed Baseline Income for Citizens

At the most basic level, everyone who works does so out of economic coercion. You need to feed, clothe, and house yourself; those things cost money, so you need to work for money.

This need limits your liberty, but is not inherently evil. Humans have had to forage and “work” to provide for themselves and their families since the dawn of time. Evil (or, less controversially, “the problem we’d like to solve”) arises when inequalities are introduced: the rich gain power over the poor, which can be (and often is) abused. Our Guaranteed Baseline Income (GBI) counteracts this inherent imbalance of power by providing a reasonable alternative to being coerced into unpleasant work.

As a registered citizen of Totec, you will receive a bi-weekly monetary disbursement of baseline Credit sufficient to feed, clothe, and house yourself and your dependents. Any amount of recognized public service, work, education, or creative accomplishments will increase your disbursement amount above the baseline level.

How can I use my Credit?

A government-issued identification card is necessary for spending Credit, which will be issued upon arrival to the island. For your security, your card requires three-factor authentication with each use: something you have, something you know, and something you are.

  • Something you have: keep your card safe. While it’s true that others cannot use your card in the event of its loss (based on this three-factor authentication), finding yourself without a card until you receive your replacement also means your Credit is inaccessible for that duration.
  • Something you know: each time you use your card, you will be asked to enter a five-digit PIN. You can update your PIN at any time from a mobile phone with the MyTotec app.
  • Something you are: while inside any Totec establishment, light facial recognition will verify your identity and act as an additional layer of seamless security for any Credit transaction. Additional card users can be temporarily authorized for transactions without your presence with the MyTotec app.

Please remember that any and all Credit will expire one week after your following disbursement.

What if I lose my identification card?

In the unfortunate event that you lose or misplace your identification card, you are strongly advised to apply for a replacement immediately. This process will deactivate your existing card and provide you with a quick path back to access to your Credit.

For those that prefer, alternate identification cards are also available in the following proxy formats:

  • NFC necklace: The NFC necklace is a wearable alternative to the identification card that can be scanned similarly to the traditional contactless card and comes in a variety of colors.
  • NFC pad: The NFC pad is a small, multipurpose adhesive that can be affixed to clothing, wearables, plastics, or other materials. We recommend placing yours on your phone case, wallet, watch, or other item you intend to always have with you.
  • NFC tattoo: The NFC tattoo consists of an invisible implant inserted under the skin in your forearm. It enables hands-free contactless scanning and a helpful guarantee you absolutely won’t lose it.

How can I increase my Credit payout?

Your GBI will naturally fluctuate in value depending on personal need and other factors, such as age, health, and number of dependents.

In addition to this baseline amount, the following activities will result in a higher Credit disbursement:

  • Continuing your education. Each accredited self-learning or peer-taught class you pass will increase your baseline Credit disbursement by an amount comparable to the difficulty of the class for the following year.
  • Work. Credit earned from working will be distributed directly from your employer to you, and should be negotiated between you and them per contract.
  • Inspections. General inspection of Totec’s automation infrastructure is vital for proper maintenance and upkeep. After a brief training class, each inspection you sign off on will result in a small bonus in Credit during your next disbursement.
  • Public service. Acts of service for the public (such as teaching classes, hosting hobby groups, offering tours and other tourist-centric activities, and so on) will result in a small bonus in Credit on each disbursement for the duration of your service.
  • Exports. External payments for materials (physical or digital) created for export will be proxied through the government for processing and converted into Credit, disbursed to you in equal payments over the next five years.
  • Creative accomplishments. Recognized creative accomplishments (music, art, film, and other entertainment media) will be monitored for activity, with each unique consumer translating directly into a small bonus in Credit for the following six months.

Please submit any Deeds that fall under these categories through the MyTotec app for recognition, so your additional Credit can be assigned as soon as possible.

What can I spend my Credit on?

As the national currency of Totec, you can spend Credit at any corporate or government establishment or personal transaction. Currency exchanges are available to and from other currencies, but only Credit is officially accepted as legal tender within Totec.

What happens if I run out of Credit?

Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Your GBI is “limited” Credit, which comes with a few safeguards to make sure you always have the resources you need to live a comfortable and safe life. Most importantly, the baseline Credit can only be spent on rent, food, and clothing, with the clothing allotment renewing bi-monthly.

This ensures that every citizen of Totec has the means to pursue any path of life they desire, and the means and time to participate in any Deeds to increase their Credit.

How can I register for citizenship?

The Island of Totec is not currently open to immigration, so applications for citizenship are closed. If you’d like to learn more about Totec and be informed about future updates about immigration and policies, be sure you follow our publication on Medium.

See you in the future!