“Word Crimes” Controversy Covered in ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education’

May 9 · 1 min read

On May 8th the three editors of ‘The Israel Studies Conversation’ were interviewed by reporters for the Chronicle. While we are pleased that the resulting story has added a spotlight to the current conversation, we find it necessary to reiterate that the letters that this group of 180 scholars sent to both the Israel Studies Journal and the AIS had one clear message:

“for the discussion to be meaningful and scholarly, basic academic standards need to be maintained….” and we fear that “Word Crimes” has fallen short of those standards.

In this context, we express dismay at the fact that some colleagues elect to treat the questions of well-intentioned interlocutors as if they were a way of championing the same political agendas reviewed and dismissed as “insane” in the “Word Crimes” issue. The letters have been signed by dozens of leading scholars of diverse views, from North America, Europe, Israel and Australia — including no less than eight Israel Studies lecturers and professors, and two Israel Prize recipients. The concerns among the scholarly community are widely felt, and need to be taken seriously.

Attached is a link to the piece in the CHE:


Daniel Bertrand Monk, Yair Wallach

The Israel Studies Conversation

The future of Israel Studies, in view of the “Word Crimes” journal

Daniel Bertrand Monk

Written by

Daniel Monk is the Cooley Chair in Peace and Conflict Studies [P-CON] at Colgate University, where he is also Professor of Geography and Middle East Studies

The Israel Studies Conversation

The future of Israel Studies, in view of the “Word Crimes” journal

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