Before Sean

Jake Orlowitz
Oct 24, 2016 · 3 min read

Stop now.
Stop and put down the rake.
Stop or you’ll be tasered.
Stop or you’ll be shot.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Shot. Shot.
Life, lost.

There are two truth and a lie.
The truths are:

Sean was ill, mentally ill.
Sean was a threat. He had a large metal rake.

The lie is that he needed to die.

The lie is that police have one tactic,
Stop or I’ll…
Shot. Shot.
Collapsed, to the ground.

The lie is that four
trained officers
with tasers
and guns
Can be trapped by a parked car.
Can only shout orders.
Can only shoot. Something.
Into bodies.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Shot. Shot.
Life, gone.

Sean was shot.
Sean was beautiful.
Sean was ill.

Police thinking
Control the scene.
Command and order.
20 seconds.

Police thinking
There’s a man.
He’s shouting.
People are scared.
We know he’s mentally ill.
We all know it.
You knew it.
You knew it but still all
you could yell was stop.
Stop or I’ll…
Shot. Shot.

Next time
there is danger
do not think that you can
kill away an illness.

You can only kill a man.
An illness needs a cure.
Needs time.
Needs patience.
Needs clarity.

But it was raining.
A storm.
Of electrified darts
And bullets.

The rain is not stopping.
Sean is not stopping.
But you must.
Back away.
Avoid the threat.
Contain the threat.
Support the patient.
Help the patient.
Reassure the patient.
Calm the patient.
Requires, patience.

We’re here to help.”
You can get help.”
We see you suffering.”
We’re waiting.”

To heal this gaping wound.
This life lost.
This child left fatherless.
You do not need a

You need a normal prosecutor,
Unconnected to the accused.

To ease this aching pain.
You do not need
Social media posts,
riddled with transparently
Exculpatory details.

You need to release the audio.
The video.
The officers’ names.

You are our helpers.
I think you are our helpers.
I need you to be our helpers.

Stop. STOP. Don’t shoot.

It gets better. First, it gets worse.

Jake Orlowitz

Written by

Internet citizen. Founder of The Wikipedia Library. Seeker of well people and sane societies. Read my book:

The J Curve

It gets better. First, it gets worse.

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