Jake Orlowitz
Sep 19, 2019 · 2 min read
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The truth hurts
the way you put insight inside bombshells
or wrap bowties on daggers
something doesn’t match
and it scares me
to my liquid core

Your truth hurts
it makes me fear the razor stuffed in the peach
or the lemon scented baton

I’m nauseous from the pain
of not knowing whether
to slap back your face
or say thank you

Maybe next time you can wash truth in a basin
pick off each of its gnarly thorns
render palatable the nectar
so I can eat again
and be nourished
I like the sound of that

You won’t though
you’ll keep assaulting me with rocks of wisdom
that smash in my forehead
trying to make your point
and it will kill me
but it will make me stronger

You can’t control it
pick the pearls from the shell
untie the knotty mess
truth doesn’t come like a gentle rain
it tears off your roof
and let’s you see the passing storm
cracks of boulders in the atmosphere

I need the noise
to shudder me awake
to rouse me from delusion
so like a tumultuous angel
you break me open

I honestly don’t care for it
but if I listen
I can hear a cacophony of love
I like the sound of that

I still fantasize about
a sieve for all the hailstones
but is there enough metal in the earth
and how would it hang
it makes me laugh just thinking about it
who would build such a contraption
only a dreamer
who likes the sound of that

So pray tell me one more time
what it is you had to say
please be patient
spread out your thunder
let me catch my breath
and swallow the sky

The J Curve

It gets better. First, it gets worse.

Jake Orlowitz

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Internet citizen. Founder of The Wikipedia Library. Seeker of well people and sane societies. Read my book:

The J Curve

It gets better. First, it gets worse.

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