Our Progress So Far

Over Labor Day weekend, our parents came to visit the grandkids, and we solicited their help on the bus. Jeremiah and his dad were able to get the electrical wiring installed. So, now we have outlets! We bought a circuit box. They brought out our solar batteries and inverter from storage, and placed them in the back of the bus. We decided that we want a professional to help us connect everything, or Jeremiah at least wants to watch several tutorials on YouTube before he’s comfortable connecting the wires to power.

After the wiring, Jeremiah and his dad worked on the dreaded kitchen drawers. They’re beautiful and still not quite finished, but this project was one of those things that had haunted Jeremiah for months. We’ve probably said this before, but we’ve never done anything like this. Jeremiah’s not a carpenter or cabinet maker (after this he is), but with some help, he got the drawer installed, insulated and covered the wheel well. It looks great!

Also, the weekend before this Jeremiah installed the exterior bathroom wall.

The big question we get asked all of the time is “so when are you moving in.” I think that too often we predict an unrealistic date in the future and say something like, “the end of September.”

“The end of December” is more in line with reality, but still feels a bit idealistic. Our bus conversion is taking so much time because we only have the weekends to work on the bus, and we don’t have an endless stream of “bus funds” coming in for us to complete it. Some weekends we’re available to work, but we just don’t have money to do anything.

I’d like to think that by the end of December we’ll have finished all of the major projects. We still need to buy our composting toilet. (We had it, but had to return it because we realized we needed the money for something else. :-/) We’re going to be using a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. Look them up. They’re sweet!

We also need to buy our wood burning stove. We’ve debated many different tiny stoves. Tiny house wood burning stoves are so nice! I think we’ve finally decided on the Morsø 6148. It’s a beautiful and efficient stove that is small enough to heat our bus without burning us out. Not strictly made for tiny homes, but nice.

To those of you who’ve been on this journey with us for a while, thanks so much for your support! If you have any questions about the details of our conversion, please let us know. We’d like to answer them, if we can.

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This is what we do on weekends when we can’t work on the bus: