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Algar Tech’s Second DT Week: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence with IBM Brazil

In the second lecture of this Thursday, we welcomed IBM’s Innovation Consultant, Eduardo Amaral to break some myths about artificial intelligence. Promising a dynamic and proactive presentation Eduardo explained that artificial intelligence does not necessarily need to be anything very technical. Rather it needs to bring people closer to the benefits of this technology.
Artificial intelligence requires a lot of learning, and all this learning requires time. But how does the machine learn? It learns through feedback, through positive and negative reinforcement, and through supervised or unsupervised curation processes. The more examples you give, the richer the model. This is why data is so important for artificial intelligence. The cognitive model is only valuable if there is plenty of data at hand.
One must, however, use this data wisely and make man and machine work together. From this relationship both sides stand to gain. If man has, with artificial intelligence, a support for jobs that would be exhausting, if not impossible, for the machine it would be impossible to optimise its results without the exchange of knowledge and experience acquired with the human being. For the alarmists it may take away some jobs, but it will create many others because of, exactly because of this symbiotic relationship. There will always be a need for man and this need will make new occupations appear in the labour market that until then we could not even imagine.

But where to start?

· Prioritize the problems
· Understand the usefulness of data: Without them the machine cannot generate positive results.
· Put the knowledge to work for you.
· Everyone has to participate.
· And, above all, be patient: The machine needs to learn, just like a child. No cognitive agent can understand everything in a day. We must be strategic enough to help artificial intelligence learn.




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