Say Yes to the Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum Art Tour honoree Debi Wisch. Photo: Scott Rudd

The Jewish Museum’s Most Amazing New York Art and Design Tour celebrated its twenty-fourth year by offering a peek into the art collections at some of the most distinguished private homes in New York City.

The Museum welcomed participants with a viewing of current exhibitions and a sumptuous buffet breakfast at the Warburg Mansion. Guests then set out for self-guided tours at spectacular Upper East Side homes. 
In opening the day’s festivities Honoree Debi Wisch sent guests off with an inspirational message about why it is critical to support the Jewish Museum and its mission:

I want to conclude by answering a question that I am often asked: What is the Jewish Museum? Is it a place that showcases Judaica, or art made by Jews or artists that were supported by Jews, or who had Jewish lovers? Doesn’t the Museum host the Purim Ball, a Hanukah party, the Art Tour, and hosts programming that fosters cross culture dialogue? Isn’t the Jewish Museum where you go to buy wedding and bar mitzvah gifts and eat at Russ & Daughters? Doesn’t it also present incredibly innovative and courageous exhibitions?
The answer to all of those questions is: Yes! It’s all of these things. Even more importantly, it is a showcase for the diversity of Jewish culture and identity that embraces multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender, national origin or religion — and the Jewish Museum opposes discrimination in all forms.
The Museum is a source of inspiration and shared human values for people of all religions and backgrounds — from ancient to present times — and is a vital cultural resource for New Yorkers and beyond. Should you be so lucky to get a call to attend one of the Museum’s wonderful openings, to join a committee, chair an event, or open your home to share for the Art Tour, before you can think about it, just say: Yes!
The future of the Jewish Museum depends on people like all of us saying one word: Yes!