And The Horse He Rode In On

The timing was critical.

You had to put the poison into the system early enough for it to sink in but too late for the antidote.

They got that right. They got a lot of other things right, too.

If they were going to destroy Roy Moore, they had to.

Was Bezos, the man who bought the Washington Post, in on the meeting when they decided to do it? Did he know about it? How might it have gone?

“Look guys, that fool in Alabama is going into the Senate unless somebody stops him.”

“Nobody in Alabama can do it. They love him. West Point, Chief Justice on Alabama’s Supreme Court, oiled up shiny Christian, stand up guy; what’s not for Alabama to love? Polls say he’s thirty points up. Any ideas?”

Somebody had one.

The idea was to make him a child molester, a pedophile, a bicycle seat sniffer.

That might give the voters pause, even in Alabama. The state most despised by people who read the Amazon Post.

It worked great. When last seen Judge Moore was clinging to the skirt of the Goddess of Recounts, being dragged into the Valley of Pathos.

You like what you see?

Hope so.

You’ll be seeing a lot of this this year.

The politics of destruction. Any way to stop it when truth has a case of the slows?
The Job 1.2.18