Clinton Marries Weiner

Hillary played matchmaker to Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Bill Clinton performed the marriage ceremony. There are photographs. You can’t say the Universe didn‘t warn you.

Look at what happens to what they touch.

It seems like the Universe is doing more than just warning us. Without divine intervention this election is as hard to explain as the fog at Dunkerque.

With seven days to go, a spanner in the works. James Comey, FBI director. He was Sweet Baby James when he choose not to charge her.

He became James Earl Ray when he took it back. She had taken her victory to the bank. How could he do that?

The ten thousand lawyers (plus) who are the cadre of the FBI started sending in resignations after Comey gave her a pass. He had to be better than that or lose his Bureau. Odd that the quintessential bureaucracy of the federal government turns out to be the last bastion of rectitude?

Surprise, surprise.

But that’s not all that’s going on in the final days. Never Trumpers are being aced by Never Hillarys as it becomes chillingly obvious that defeating corruption is more important than defeating Trump.

Rodham Clinton is most eloquent when she speaks in Blackface to Black Folks. “Lawdie, lawdie, I don’t feels no ways tired. Da Lawd aint took me this far to leave me like this.”

We pray it so.

The Job 11.1.16