Einsteinian Thought Experiment: You’re Not Going Down on HMS Hillary

By your lights, instinct, pre-vision, you see a candidate who grows weaker and weaker as the campaign goes on and on. You want off that sinking ship. And you are the Democrat Party. How are you going to manage that? How do you get rid of her… at this point? (With the stipulation that it not be Sanders, an even more certain Titanic?)

Option 1:

“Thank God we caught it early.”

Hillary’s cancer has not metastasized. We expect a full recovery. “ Unlucky” said the New York Times, “She would have been a great female president.”

Doctor’s can bought. Lawyers are constantly bought. The media can be bought. This has the benefit of being easy to pull off. Resultant sympathy a plus.

Option 2:

“Hillary Indicted.”

This could be for email security breaches. Or, for using the Clinton ”Charity” as a slush fund. Or for Benghazi. Or for the Rich and Green pardons (no statute of limitations on that one).

Or, something to do with Vince Foster. Or stolen White House furniture. Or…fill in the blank.

This is a twofer. By removing her protection it gets her out and helps restore the naive notion of independence for two federal Pitt Bulls, the FBI and the IRS. A win-win.

Option 3:

“In a tragic accident…”

The classic fall-back. Not particularly aesthetic, but when push comes to shove, and the railroad tracks are close….

Maybe there’s another way. Maybe we’ll see.

Is the Constitution a living document?

It must be. It’s changed 17 times and changed back once.

The Job 5.19.16

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