Enslave The Free

You owe street money? Bookie money? Mob money? They break your legs, burn down your restaurant, pimp out your daughter. Owe Credit Card money? Hectored and harangued, wormed into the worm you are. Owe Rent money? That your stuff on the sidewalk? Student money? How’s that feel?
Owe tax money This government can -and millions of times has- taken businesses, houses, your bank savings. They also send you to jail and prison.
We are here for the enslavement (and re-enslavement) of America’s people.
We are slaves of debt.

And we’re not getting out of it.

The interest on the U.S. Debt was a billion dollars today. And, thirty million more in change.

A child is born today wearing a fifty thousand dollar pair of handcuffs: his or her share of this debt.

How is it possible that a constitution that exists to create free people lets this happen?

The constitution is a flawed document. This is a flaw of omission. State constitutions do not have this flaw. Just the federal one. But in the real world, how do you amend the thing?

How about this: Except for Declared War, congress shall create no debt.

Debt is horrible enough when you create it yourself. But when you allow people you don’t know -in a far away place- to clasp you into debt, maybe freedom’s not really for you.

But, if you think it might be, a good question to ask before you vote:

“Who is the more likely debt emancipator?”

The Job 6.4.16

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