Into The Mythic

You say we haven’t had a great president since Reagan?

Are you watching this?

Great Presidents are defined by their adversaries.

With Slavemaster Washington, the adversary was monarchy. With Lincoln, the adversaries were the forces of Divorce and Slavery. With Roosevelt, the Nazis and Fascists. With Reagan, the Communists.

But it’s not enough to win. You have win when the issue has been in doubt. Else, what have you done?

Trump is a lot of things to a lot of people.

Objectively, he is a man at the height of his powers recently arrived at his life’s destination. He comes from, and is successful member of, the smartest category of people on earth: American business Leaders. He’s not afraid to fight and, by observation (his record in the ring: 18–0.) is good at it.

Subjectively, he can be The Male Witch of Salem, if you look at him that way.

Many do.

But whatever he is –objectively or subjectively– his adversaries are giving him scale. Because they are so very small they’re making him look very big.

Great Big.

To contribute to the greatness of your enemy?

Kind of fun to watch these Sunday mornings.

One billion humans have seen a King Kong movie. None of them ever rooted for the effing planes.

The Job


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