Ronald Reagan: Useful Idiot

The greatest Republican president since Lincoln was thus described by Howard Phillips, leading conservative light of the 1980’s.

There is just no pleasing these…inquisitors.

That’s why they can‘t win. Not here. Many have imagined a Cruz candidacy, which would have begun 250 electoral votes in the hole. No digging out from that. As Clinton well knows. So, she sighs, her giddies gone glimmering.

Reagan was, in fact, a conservative. But he was an American first. That, it seems, is what you’ve got to be to win The Job.

The first Clinton won because Peggy Noonan wrote a speech that the first Bush, a really useful idiot, actually delivered: “Read my lips, no new taxes.” He rode that lie into Onetermville. Without that lie, no first Clinton. And, Bill Clinton knew it.

Why is the Supreme Court so important?

Because these vestal virgins are entrusted with the interpretation of the Constitution. They get it wrong, all be wrong.

The Job 5.17.16

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